need a pregnancy book...


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Dec 2, 2011
Hi guys,
Can anyone send me a link for the book

What to expect when you are expecting

thanks for your help guys...

Hi Lakshmi,

I don't have the link for the book. But, in MY ANGADI in Penmai, I have seen a book

கரு முதல் குழந்தை வரை

Hope, this book will be of help for you.


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Jul 26, 2012
Dear nlakshmi, please click on the following link to download e book on pregnancy [h=2]Know What To Do When Pregnant?[/h]

This FREE, short e-book give an overview of what you will want to do while pregnant. If you want to feel better during pregnancy, reduce your risk of complications, have a more enjoyable birth, and give your baby the best possible start you can, read this free guide to find out more about how Pocket Pregnancy works. Pocket Pregnancy is based on the ROADS of healthy pregnancy: Relaxation, Options, Activity, Diet and Support. These 5 elements are essential to helping you and your partner get what YOU want while you are having a baby.The FREE edition of the Pocket Pregnancy Guide to What to Do When Pregnant is meant to be a helpful introduction to get you started in each section of the ROADS of healthy pregnancy. There is a lot more to know and do than we can cover in a free book of this size, but we definitely want to help you get on the right track!Soon, other titles in the Pocket Pregnancy System will give more complete guidance along the ROADS. Unlike other pregnancy planners or pregnancy week-by-week resources, we are going to do more than tell you what test will happen when and what pregnancy discomforts you can expect to start this week. We will let you know what your options are with different tests and procedures, give you criteria and information for helping you make decisions, and give suggestions on how to minimize discomforts and generally be healthier.
You can download pocket pregnancy planner by clicking on the following link:

[h=3]Want more details about what to do when pregnant?[/h]
Please click on the following link:

Pregnancy ebooks, apps, and more in the Pocket Pregnancy family of products

All the best. thank you

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