Need details about Punch Bag!!


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Jun 10, 2012
Hi Friends,

I need details about buying punch bag,,,

Where to buy and what are the things to be noted before buying it,,,,

Also like what other things to be bought along with that,,,

Any precautions to be taken care,,,

If anyone has idea on that, please reply!!!!!!!!


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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Yamuna, There are so many gyms offering this punch bag training. You may please ask these trainers available in the gyms who can give first hand information. However because you have asked I reproduce an article I happened to go through recently for your information only.; please consult your nearest gym for their advice also before buying.

Punching bags are a piece of exercise equipment used for cardio exercise and to improve strength, agility, endurance and hand-eye coordination. Most frequently, punching bags are used for boxers (including kickboxers) and those practicing martial arts. Bags come in a variety of sizes and are usually round or cylindrical in shape and covered in leather. Larger bags are often suspended by frames, while smaller punching bags tend to be hung from the ceiling.
Protective Gear

Padded gloves or hand wraps with boxing gloves should be used when working with a punching bag to protect your hands and fingers. Boxing shoes are helpful, as they have cushioned insoles that provide padding while jumping and bouncing. Practicing near a mirror can be helpful for making sure your posture and punching delivery are correct, which will reduce the chances of injury.


Before exercising, make sure all lacings, stitching, zippers, hooks and snaps attached to the punching bag are in good condition. Always warm up and stretch for at least five minutes before working out with a punching bag. This practice will warm up your muscles and help prevent strains and sprains. Jumping jacks or pushups are appropriate warmups. Cooldowns should also last a minimum of five minutes and should include either basic stretches or floor exercises.

When using a punching bag, do not combine the activity with another exercise in order to intensify the workout. For example, adding ankle, leg or wrist weights to your punching bag routine can result in joint injuries. Remember to keep your joints in bent position; never lock your elbows or wrists while punching the bag. If you are tired to the point of exhaustion, stop your workout, cool down, and resume exercising another day. Do not use the punching bag while you’re overly tired, as this puts you at greater risk for injuries.


A study published in the "American Journal of Preventive Medicine" revealed that about 37 percent of boxing-related injuries involved a punching bag. The most common injury is a fracture, and the most common body part injured is the hands. Head and neck injuries are the second most common. Safety precautions are vital when using a punching bag.


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