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Aug 24, 2011
Hiii Frds,

I'm Kavi Priya from madurai. My parents are Searching alliance to me nearly for one year but suddenly they are asking me to marry my uncle's son. In my uncle's house also, first and all they searched for doctor bride outside He's the first one and having one younger brother and one sister. Their whole family's in medical line. But Suddenly for the past 6 months, I dunno What really Happen to them? They wants me to marry their son.

But the problem is I'm not interested in marrying within the relations. Also our horoscope matchin's also not that much gud( 50 - 50 0nly). Lite ah avangah enah vida short. Their family is somewhat richer than ours one. Actually I've finished Engineering and M.B.A. My uncle, mom and aunt showing very much interest in this proposal. our family frds and relatives are saying itha vida best proposal enga kedaikah poguthu. payan character and studies elamae gud. Relations kulah jathagam pakka theva ilah so marg panee vai apdi nu orae advice ellorum. Dad ku full ah okay ilah b'coz he believes horoscope and also enakum full satisfication ilah nu yosikiraangah but veliyah marg panee vachee nalah payan amaiaatee enah panrathu nu bayapaduraangah. Dad told that you are not interested means then just leave it but my mom's very upset due to my decision. She's asking Why are you rejecting this one ? Enaku avalo vah interest ilah en cousin ah marriage panrathu la .. His Look doesn't match wid my expectations( Naah romba elam expect panalah pa elrum maadhree namalah vida konjam height ah apdi ipdi nu thaan but mom ithuku elam life la romba imp kuduka kudathu nu solraangah) and relation kulah maariage panah kudathu nu romba naal mundaeeyae naah edutha decision. Also Avanga family mela enaku first la irunthae oru affection ilah naah Epavum distance keep up panuven. Eventhough I didn't believe horoscope fully but konjam fear irukuthu. But everyone's asking me to marry him Except my dad.. unaku fully satisfied ah iruntha K sollu.. Don't say okay b'coz of others words ..I won't compel you u solitaangah..I'm realy confused.. Enah Decision ediukirathu nu therla ...

Any Suggestion Please..


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May 7, 2011
ஹாய் ப்ரியா

கல்யாணம் எல்லோர் வாழ்க்கையிலும் வர்ற முக்கியமான நிகழ்வு. கல்யாணம் பண்ணிக்க போற ஆண், பெண் ரெண்டு பேருக்குமே ஒருத்தரை ஒருத்தர் பிடிக்கிறது ரொம்ப முக்கியம். சில பேருக்கு கல்யாணம் பண்ணிக்க போறவங்களை பற்றி ரொம்ப எதிர்பார்ப்பு இருக்காது அப்படி பட்டவங்க யாரை கல்யாணம் செஞ்சிகிட்டாலும் சந்தோஷமா இருப்பாங்க. ஆனா அதே மனசுக்குள்ள எதிர்பார்ப்பு வச்சிக்கிட்டு மத்தவங்களுக்காக கல்யாணம் பண்ணா ஒருவேளை எதிர் காலத்தில் ஒத்து போக முடியாத நிலை ஏற்படலாம்.

கல்யாணம் ஒன்னும் பொருள் இல்லை பிடிக்கலைனா மாத்திக்க... காலம் பூரா சேர்ந்திருக்க போற துணை. நீங்க முழு மனசோட பண்ணிகிட்டாதான் நல்லா இருக்கும்.

உங்களோட எதிர் பார்ப்பு நியாயமானது தான் ஆனா எதுக்கும் அவர் கூட ஒரு ரெண்டு தடவையாவது பேசி பார்த்திட்டு முடிவு பண்ணுங்க. எந்த முடிவு எடுத்தாலும் அதுல உறுதியா இருங்க.



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Dec 2, 2011
Hi Priya,

What you are thinking is correct.

It is not at all advisable to get married in relation, that too , to such a close blood relative.

Being a doctor family, how do they propose for this? I really wonder.

You may explain to your mother about the high chances of problematic children to be born, if you marry to a close blood relative.

She might show many examples, who had no problem in such marriages. But these may be only few. Majority problem in children arises mainly due to these kind of marriages.

Along with this, when, from the beginning, you don't have any wish to marry your cousin or enter into that family as DIL, you please don't marry him.

Actually horoscope and physical features of the bride or groom, may not be considered for a successful marriage.

Even without these matches, there are lots and lots of successful marriages.

You can deny this marriage and tell your dad strongly that you are not willing to marry within relation.

You will surely get a suitable groom in the days to come.

You may also convince your mom, that if you marry him for her wish, then everyone will be sufferer in future, if any problematic child is born.

If necessary, ask any of your family doctor or any other doctor to talk with her regarding these kind of marriages.

You can assure your mom that you will marry of her choice only, but not within relations.

வம்பை விலை கொடுத்து வாங்க வேண்டாம்ன்னு சொல்லுங்க .
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