Neem - Vembu


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Vembu ( Neem )

Neem is a very famous herb and possesses miraculous medicinal properties. Neem has been used as pesticide since early ages because of its remarkable property of fighting away with pest and microorganism.

it can balance ecological problems like deforestation, erosion and global warming

Medcinal properties:
Every part of the plant is used i.e.
. Neem is a multipurpose herb,

1. It works as blood purifier and is very helpful in eradicating toxins from the blood

2. Neem helps in proper healing of wound without causing any infections and septic conditions.

3. It acts as an effective natural cure for skin diseases like skin problems like acne and blemishes.

4. It helps our body to counter mild infections. For any type of bacterial infection, doctors always recommend to take bath of water soaked with neem leaves.

5. It helps in early healing of burns and injuries.

6. It is also helpful in providing internal glow to the skin by providing natural supplements that are required for good and healthy skin.

7. It is extensively used in hair fall and early graying of hairs.

8. It has good results in the treatment of eczema and even ringworms.

9. Neem also find its application in dandruff and in lice growth.

10. It is helpful in removing dark circles under the eyes.

11. It helps making our immune system very strong and efficient to fight against any foreign invasion.

12. It works as an anti inflammatory and pain relieving agent.

13. It stimulates liver for proper functioning therefore helps in maintaining proper secretions of liver.

14. It helps in fighting with the intestinal worms there by act as a deworming agent.

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