no gift from my husband

Jul 9, 2015
my husband don't give any gift to me. my colleagues are showing their gifts i am feeling bit jealous on them.

these are all small things that will make me happy but how to ask him and make him understand.


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Dec 2, 2011
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No should feel jealous with your friends or feel bad about your husband, just for not showering you with gifts.

This is a little bit childish.

Many men do not know these things, ie., they should be showering their wife with gifts for each and every thing. That they should be praising their wives for every deeds or every items prepared. That they should praise the beauty of their wife , all the time. And so on.

These activities doesn't mean that the husband does not love his wife. He would be loving her very much but do not know to show off or express it in words or activity (like gifting her).

And please understand that there is no necessity for the husband to gift her very often . It is just enough if he is taking care of her and showering his love and affection through that care.

You should not at all feel even if he is not gifting you on your birthday or wedding day.

Most of the husbands will surely forget the birthdays of their wife and their wedding day. And all their wives do long for this but could not help it.

So, what you can do is, please do accept him as he is.

Do not expect anything but love and care from him.

Be satisfied with what and how he is taking care for you.

And you can do one more thing.

When you come home from office, do have a small chat time while having dinner, or after dinner. During this time, first ask him about his day and how it went. During this session, you may share your experience on that day. This is the time when you can tell him that any of your friend was gifted by her husband, and she looked very happy. If you tell this then and there, your husband will also try to understand that he should also make you happy by giving some gifts.

If he asks you , whether you feel bad about his non-gifting habit, you may tell him, that you don't feel for it, because he takes very good care of you.But at the same time, you would feel proud and happy to show the gifts presented by him, to your friends, as they do.

He will surely understand.

Meanwhile you can also gift him with some small items, then and there. this may also trigger an idea for him to gift you.

Please click the below link in blue colour in which lots of tips are shared.
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