No love for women with high IQ?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
No love for women with high IQ?

In Kerala's male-dominated society, men shy away from taking on highly intellectual women as their life partners

It's a fact. Studies have proved that women are indeed blessed with a higher IQ when compared to men. The study, conducted over a period of 100 years, shows that the difference in IQ between the two sexes has been narrowing down over the years only to show an increase in favour of the fairer sex. However, the results have become the talking point in Kerala, especially among those who're looking forward to get married! In a conservative state like Kerala, where men still impose their dominance over women, it seems a guy is not really comfortable with the idea that his partner may have a higher IQ than him. We get an insight into why the men are shying away...

Gals say...

Radhika Sasi, a software professional based in Trivandrum, says, "Men pretend to accept the fact that their prospective partners are better than them. He also seems to be alright with her popularity or fame as the case may be. But it is not something they can easily digest, as it is their ego at stake. More often than not, what's on the guy's mind comes through over time and the results are there for all to see — the state has one of the highest divorce rates." Media professional Reethu Zac points out, "Girls opt to marry Malayalees who are open-minded. A guy would be okay with his wife working. But the moment she begins to outsmart him in a field that is originally meant to be his, there will be trouble."

Guys say...

Shafeel Shaf, a sales executive in Kochi, agrees to a certain extent. He says, "It's true that Malayalee men, though modern outwardly, are conservative and egoistic when it comes to dealing with their partners." Rakesh HK, a media professional adds, "If my partner can teach me what I lack and complete my thoughts and perception, and also, help me be successful, then I think that defines the term 'better-half.' " Shafeel points out, "Generally, men don't mind being with women who are intellectually superior as long as the status quo of their relationship is not hampered. If the woman shows off her superiority over men in public, no man would tolerate it, at least not in Kerala."

Here are certain factors that can be attributed to the increase in IQ among women...

-Demanding lifestyle

-Better adaptability

-Exposure to better educational and professional opportunities

-Tapering gender difference


Friends's of Penmai
Feb 7, 2014
Yaa. Who will tolerate when Ego of a person touched. Leave alone in public. In private also, if you touch the ego of a person, they are bound to react. After all one should not forget a life, especially married life, needs to be balanced one. The man and woman need to complement each. That is the purpose of marriage.

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