No place for superstition in relationships


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
No place for superstition in relationships

I was jangling my home keys when my cousin yelled and said, "Don't do that! You'll have a fight!" I sceptically replied, "Why? Just because I played with keys, my energy field is now begging for a fight?"

The entire day passed without a fight, but at night, I ended up having a mammoth argument with a close friend! I was perplexed! Was it the keys or a freak coincidence? I scoured the internet for superstitions relating to relationships, and found some interesting and hilarious ones... to some of which I've added my own comments.

- Feed a cat out of an old shoe and your wedding day will be a happy one (Not so sure the cat will like that very much, though!)

- If a cat sneezes in front of a bride on the day before her wedding, it is a sign of very good luck (Poor cat! It must have been the mould in the old shoe that made it sneeze)

- A woman should not marry a man whose surname begins with the same letter as her own. It is bad luck (All my divorced friends have no similarity! Ok! Perhaps it was good luck they got divorced, not bad luck)

- It is unlucky to marry someone born in the same month as you (Probably because you'll get joint birthday presents?)

- If it rains on the wedding day, the bride will cry all her married life (No monsoon weddings for me!)

- It is a sign of very good luck to find a spider crawling on your wedding gown (OMG! Are they serious? What if it's a tarantula?)

- The bride should always be happy if she wears or carries a bit of salt (Forget perfume! Tata salt it is!)

- If your lover gives you a knife as a gift this means the love will end soon (Who on earth would gift a knife over a perfume?)

- In Chinese culture, giving a clock as a present is taboo due to the Chinese word for 'clock' sounding like the word for 'death'.

Of course none of this is based on fact or reason! But hey! If little knowledge is a dangerous thing, I'd say better safe than sorry!

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