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Feb 10, 2015
hi friends

i am 3.5 months pregnant. me only excited about my pregnancy. my husband and mil are not at all care about me. my mil always make me to do some work. my husband not even ask about my health, food etc etc. i gone to hospital with my mom only. he didn't come with me. i need to do all things for me and my baby. my husband not even getting medicines for me. i think they don't want my baby and i don't know the reason. all their activities are showing that only. what i do friends. i am very much disappointed. worrying a lot. i can't be happy during my pregnancy.


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai....Sangi.

Congrats for your pregnancy.

Please do not worry.

This is very much surprising. Leave your MIL. How can your husband be not happy to know that you are pregnant? Not able to believe this.

After your marriage, did your husband or MIL ever told you, that you should plan your child only after 1 or 2 years?

If they had told like that, they may not welcome this child now. Only that may be the reason.

Do one thing.

Immediately, ask your husband when he is in good mood , whether he is happy or how does he feel, that you are pregnant.

Sometimes, may be he is not of that character, who could show his happiness too. he may be very happy in his mind and not able to show.

He may also not know how to react.

You can tell about the movements of the child, when you feel it (in the later stage) to him and ask him to touch and feel the child. These things may be new to him.

There may be many reasons for your MIL not to show her happiness.

Do they feel or have any dissatisfied feeling about the dowry or any other seer done by your parents during your wedding?

Since now you have crossed the first trimester of your pregnancy, you can very well do all kinds of works.

Only thing to avoid is do not lift very heavy weight. otherwise, you can do all kinds of works, if your doctor has permitted. (she only knows your body condition).

So, there is nothing to blame for this with your MIL.

Please think positively, that you have atleast your mother who takes very much care during this time.

Please be happy and engage yourself by listening and reading good music, good books and many others.

Take all the nutritious foods. Take the necessary medicines. Either you yourself may go and buy them or your mother can buy them for you.

Don't worry that your hubby is not buying these for you.

You should take good care of you and your baby.

Once you have delivered the baby, surely, your husband and MIL will be attracted towards the child and will take very good care.

We all pray for your safe delivery.
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sri suja

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Oct 12, 2014
Hai Dear,

Congragulations on your pregnancyma ........

Be cheerful........... I think your are longing for your husbands love & care......... Ask your husband to accompany you while your going for checkups. Even after your request, if he refuses don't worry. You be calm. Take care of your health. If possible you can attend yoga classes to have a easier and normal delivery. Yoga not only prepares your for body normal delivery but also calms your mind from unwanted worries. Listen to good mind soothing music. Always try to have positive thoughts. Your each & every thought gets registered in the baby. So, you be cheerful. A babies smile can change everything. Wishing you good luck to have a normal delivery & a healthy baby.

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