Now, app to put romance back in marriage


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Now, app to put romance back in marriage

A pastor from Australia was so frustrated by his inability to pick a romantic gift or remember his wife's dress size that he developed an app for that.

Pastor Mark Reilly's the Legend Husband app keeps essential details like dress, bra and shoe size on hand, along with others, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Important dates could be synchronised into phone calendars and husbands can even record videos, describing how much they love their lady love, to replay it to them when things go crazy.

The app can even be used as an electronic talking stick to stop fights. A pink screen means that its wife turns to have an uninterrupted say; when the colour changes to blue, it's the husband chance to explain his case.
Locations of first dates, wedding songs and joint goals and decisions can also uploaded on the app.

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