Now don’t eat food, breathe it!


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Now don’t eat food, breathe it!

A coffee shot that you can breathe, inhalable tea and desserts are the new answer to get rid of calories. Ready for the future of food?

You can hop off the treadmill and put away all those diet books. For the new mantra to lose weight will have you enjoying all the food you like without putting on an ounce! It's simple: just take a deep breath and enjoy the fare. Welcome to the new-age food mojo called 'whaffing' or inhalable eating. That's not fantasy but the result of scientific research! Could this pave the way for the future of restaurants, where you simply walk around and breathe in from a variety of bowls to have your fill of the menu?

What's on offer?
If you're the kind who eats on the go, this is for you. Imagine taking a deep breath of coffee! The brainchild of Harvard University biomedical engineering professor David Edwards, this lipstick-sized caffeine inhaler recently came onto shelves in Massachusetts, New York and France, and is a canister that contains 100 milligrams of caffeine powder, almost the same amount in a large cup of coffee, plus vitamin B. It could be the next big trend for folks who love their caffeine fix.

Can dessert be far behind?
Imagine also taking a whiff of a 'breathable' lemon tart without piling on the pounds. Experts promise that these foods, part of the whaffing trend, are based on the premise that each breath (or 'whaf') contains zero calories, so one can "eat" as much as one wants. A website quoted Tom Hadfield, the 27-year-old CEO of a breathable food company as saying, "In the future, you won't eat food: you'll breathe it. It's a far-out idea. But it's going to happen!"

End of weight issues?
"It's a new idea, yes, but one that may not really work in India," feels reveals nutritionist Priya Karkera. "This is like a fad. While it may catch one's fancy and combat cravings, you have to question how many nutrients it can really impart. And let's not forget that as Indians, we are very emotionally attached to the entire experience of eating. It's a social thing, really," she says.

It's hoped that the invention will find potential in other crucial fields, like delivering vitamins, medicine and vaccines in more affordable ways.

Ahh, delicious!
- A company has come up with sniffable vanilla cupcakes, packed into tubes that resemble electronic cigarettes. It's said to contain zero calories, no drugs, stimulants, diuretics or fat blockers.
- There is also a whiffable chocolate powder available in lipstick-sized tubes. It contains about eight puffs of synthetic chocolate flavour, enough to satisfy a sweet craving.smat

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