Now, undergo bypass surgery while you're awake


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Jul 5, 2011
Now, undergo bypass surgery while you're awake

Guruswamy, a 55-year-old semi-literate farmer, was shocked when he was first told that he'd be awake while undergoing bypass surgery. He did not readily agree to it and was counselled for over two weeks. When he eventually underwent the surgery with his eyes open, it was an unforgettable experience.

Awake-heart surgeries are becoming a boon for those suffering from lung, chest and muscle-related diseases. The patient, undergoing such a surgical process, is not given general anaesthesia but is given anaesthesia in the spine bone. It enables the patient to remain conscious and undergo painless surgery. At least 10-15 such operations performed in prominent hospitals across the city every year.

Says Dr Vivek Jawali, chief cardiothoracis surgeon, Fortis Hospitals: "A patient is first counselled about the procedure. Only if he/she agrees, it is done. About 96% patients are okay with it, only 4% refuses after counselling."

Dr CN Manjunath, director, Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Science and Research Institute, said: "Such surgeries are done on a routine basis. Those with respiratory difficulties, history of tuberculosis, not suitable for general anaesthesia and can't be kept on ventilator are advised to undergo awake-heart surgery."

Experts said the biggest challenge is that the patient is awake and able to listen to the conversation of doctors in the operation room. "Hearing doctors asking for various instruments like knife and a pair of scissors can really scare patients. So doctors are advised to have minimum conversation during surgery," added Dr Manjunath.

Doctors said a major advantage during awake-heart surgery is that there are no tubes inserted in the patient's trachea and since he/she is conscious, there is no need for mechanical ventilation. Also, the patient's brain functions can be monitored. The procedure enables painless chest surgery and the patient recovers faster.

Dr Devi Shetty, chairman, Narayana Hrudayalaya, said: "Awake-heart surgeries are performed only when the patient is not fit for anaesthesia. Utmost care has to be taken while performing such operations."

The Benefits
Shorter hospital stay
· Less blood transfusion
· Less traumatic for patients, thus cosmetic outcomes improve
· No post-operation complications
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