Nuts To Have In Your Diet:


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Nuts To Have In Your Diet:

Walnuts For Women: Walnuts have recently been declared as the healthiest of all nuts by a numerous studies. Apart from being heart healthy, they are also very good mood enhancers. This specially helps deal with mood swings of women during their menstrual cycle. You must be familiar with the uncomfortable bloated feeling during your periods. Walnuts are nutritious and have anti-inflammatory properties. They reduce menstrual bloating to a great extent.

The Brianiacs Cashew Nut:
Do you know how your brain works faster? When more oxygen reaches all the cells of the brain, then there is more cerebral blood flow. This increases the power of your brain. Cashews have loads of iron and zinc that empower your brain. Iron forms haemoglobin (oxygen carrier). Apart from making you smarter, cashews cure blood related problems like anaemia.

Smoker's Brazil Nuts:
Are you a chain smoker? Then you better take ample protection against cancer. You must have Brazil nuts in your diet list. According to an intensive study by Journal of Medicinal Food, Brazil nuts have selenium that is an important component for fighting cancer, especially prostate cancer.

Beauty Queen's Almonds:
If you want to be youthful forever, then almonds are the secret to have the perfect skin and hair. They are rich in vitamin E which will reflect in the glow on your face and the lustre in your hair. They are also very rich in dietary fibres. So, if you have these nuts in your diet, you will seldom suffer from constipation. Almonds make your bowel movements more regular.

Diabetes's Hazelnut:
If you are a diabetic, then your diet must include hazelnuts. Apart from the aromatic coffee like smell, they also have many health benefits. The nutrition from these nuts helps you battle diabetes, heart attacks, cataracts and muscular cramps. They are also rich in antioxidants and thus have anti-aging properties.

All these types of nuts must be included in your diet to make it holistic. The new mantra to a healthy life is seriously going 'nuts'.

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