Oh, my baby


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Oh, my baby

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

Carl Jung

A husband considers romance to be one way and the wife considers it to be another. Men Hear. Women Listen.
Men don't usually look before they leap. They act first and then suffer the consequences later,Women generally think so much they sometimes forget to act at all,

I am indeed saying that the novelty of a relationship wears off faster for a man than for a woman.it’s simple, because women give in too easily and reveal all even more easily.

Here are few simple tips to make your man emotionally defenseless, so that you can hold the reins of your relationship, and keep him besotted.

1. Surprise him

There’s no point in being an open book in a relationship.

Keep him interested and into you by mentioning to him the summer you spent in Paris by yourself or your skills on the violin.

Never let him know who you really are, let him experience that by being with you. : Make him treat you like a lady

2. Be sincere

Make him feel like he’s found his soul mate in you. The idea is to be sincere.

Genuinely listen to what he has to say. Ask questions, and keep in mind what and who he talks about so that the next time he brings it up, you can show him that you actually do listen.

3 Have no expectations

It’s a common mistake that every woman makes when she expect that a man is as hooked on you as you are on him

4. Hang up before he does (Mobile )

If you end the conversation before he does, it’ll keep him wanting more. use it in all way s of communication. But dont over do

5. Do not accept any last minute dates

This is a sneakier way to make him miss you more. it seem like you’re poised at the edge of your seat waiting for him to make time for you

6. Great perfume

Pick the perfect perfume, and remember that the key word here is subtlety. You’ll know it has worked when he keeps
leaning in. But remember to take it easy and not douse yourself in fragrances. You’d also want a leave a trace of it on him


You may call once or leave a message but do not overdo it and fill his inbox with “whr r u” and “y hvnt u cald” messages. Secondly do not obsess, immerse yourself in those hobbies. If you keep quite denitely he reacts.

8.Smile often

you’re talking to your soulmate, smile more often.Giggle at his jokes, smile now and then for no particular reason and bring that sparkle in your eyes. After all, when you’re happy, it shows. And no guy can resist a girl with a beautiful laugh!

9.Be graceful.

Through the ages,men have loved graceful, coy women. Now, there’s a big difference between being a shy timid girl and a gir who’s coy

widdle your hair when you’re being thoughtful, have your own cute expressions, bat your twice instead of just once every time you close your eyes.All these make you very lovable and aww-sho-cute!

Touch him

Men have always been drawn to the gentle, tender touch of a girl. Even scientific research has shown that guys involuntarily start showing more interest and flirt more with girls who touch them in the middle of a conversation.

10. Seek his protection

Throughout evolution, men have always been the hunters and the protectors while women have been the farmers and the foragers. When you rekindle this primal instinct in a guy, he would appreciate it and love it.smile shyly and ask him if he can hold a heavy bag for a minute. You know it works, make him feel like your protector. And he’ll want to be by your side all the time.

11. Don’t badmouth or bitch

try to avoid using bad language all the time. Additionally, don’t bitch about other girls .avoid gossip

12. Be mysterious

You don’t need to tell a guy you’re with every single emotion or thought that’s going through you. If you’re looking lost or if he catches you smiling to yourself, and asks you about it, you can just tell him it’s nothing.donot overdo it.

13. Be mischievous

It’s always nice to lighten things up now and then with a few pranks. You can tease him, nudge him by the shoulder, say a few jokes. Show him your fun side too.

14.Be polite

Be nice, good natured and polite. be nice, not just to him, but to the people around you.

15. Appreciate him

if soulmate’s trying to make you feel nice, appreciate the gesture.

16.Play hard to get

Knowing how to talk to a guy is easy, but knowing where to draw the line is not.And don’t ever be easily available.

17. Men consider crying a form of blackmail. kill him with sweet smile

18. If you've handed your man a "Honey-Do" list, do not follow with a list of instructions of how to accomplish his tasks. He made it through part of his life without your instruction, believe it or not.

19. When your man asks you a question, a simple answer of "Yes" or "No" will typically suffice.

20. Show interest in his parents,relatives and friends giving him some time with them if they’re trust-worthy.

21. Either show interest in his hobbies or allow him space to participate freely.

22. Protect his dignity on a daily basis.

23. Be tender with him realizing he has feelings also.

24. Foster an atmosphere of laughter in your home. Look for ways to laugh together.

25. The first minutes after a spouse comes home often sets the stage for how the rest of the evening will go. Try to make that time a positive experience.

26. Don’t allow family members to treat him disrespectfully. Defend him to anyone that dishonors his place as your husband.

27. Be creative when you express your love, both in words and in actions.

28. Admit your mistakes; don’t be afraid to be humble. Peel away your pride.

29. Respect his desire to do well—not his performance.

30. Give advice in a loving way — not in a nagging or belittling way.

31. Don’t expect him to do projects beyond his natural capabilities.

31. Get up with him, even when he gets up earlier than you want to and pray with him you can go back to bed afterward, if possible —it’s a sacrifice worth making.

32.Participate in shoulder-to-shoulder activities with him (like watching a movie and such) without talking. Sometimes men just like to BE with you and not talk.

33. When your husband is in a bad mood give him time to recover. Don’t crowd him.

34. Treat him as if God has stamped on his forehead: “Handle With Care.”

35. Thank him for things he’s done around the house. (It means a lot to men).

36. Don’t belittle his intelligence or be cynical in your words with him.

37. Visit his childhood home with him.without any commends

38. When you’re angry, express it in respectful ways. Don’t give the silent treatment.

39. Look your best—dress to honor him and make him proud to be seen with you.even it is very difficult to wear

40. Be his best cheer leader.

41. Graciously teach him how to demonstrate his love for you.aware of tamil film

42. Thank him for just being himself.

What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

Best wishes,

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