Oil Skin Cleansers: How to Make Olive Oil Cleanser at Home


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Jul 26, 2012
[h=1]Oil Skin Cleansers: How to Make Olive Oil Cleanser at Home[/h]

[h=1]Olive Oil Cleanser[/h]So you’ve been around the block looking for a cleanser that suits your skin and found nothing?! You’ve spent your hard earned money on all the big brands that promise you fabulous skin but leave your skin dry and lifeless? Or worse still, you were the one who bought the pro-active stuff while channel surfing into the wee hours of the morning? If you are one or all of the above, then I wish you’d found me earlier, because I’m here to introduce you to the miracle cleanser that is capable of solving all your skin problems. Hold your breath…. Wait for it… just a little longer…. Oh alright then… it’s olive oil!
And now you’re wondering how olive ‘oil’ can possibly be great for skin when everything that’s good for skin advertises with the slogan “oil free”. So here’s the deal, its old news in science that oil dissolves oil. And in truth, the more oil you remove, the more your body will try and compensate for the loss of its natural oils. So really, the best way to dissolve the extra oils being secreted from your pores and effectively remove all the dirt and bacteria that has been blocked up is indeed by replacing the dirty oil with good, nourishing oil.

[h=2]How to Make Olive Oil Cleanser at Home[/h]
The first step to making your organic olive oil cleanser is to determine your skin type. If you have normal skin, then an equal balance of oils should be used; if your skin is acne prone, you should add a little tea tree oil and a little less olive oil; if your skin is dry then you should use more olive oil. Basically experiment with a few variations of the magic olive oil cleanser and settle on one that suits you just right.
I’m going to break down all the combinations of oils and ingredients that work well with olive oil:
Castor oil: is good for oily skin, as it doesn’t have the same moisturizing properties of olive oil.
Almond oil: is great for softening and conditioning skin that is dry or itchy, making your skin soft as a baby’s bum.
Tea tree oil: is a natural antiseptic so it works miracles on acne prone skin, cold scores and wounds.
Vitamin E oil: is great for some extensive overnight repair.
Sandalwood oil: has an astringent property so say, “bye bye irritation and scars”.
So there you have it. Your little wonder oil was no further than your kitchen cupboard and to think you spent all that time running from skin care consultants to high end beauty stores when all you really had to do was take a stroll into your kitchen.

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