Okra (Lady's Finger) Can Cure Diabetes


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Okra (Lady's Finger) Can Cure Diabetes

Diabetes is one of those ailments that dies with us. It is very difficult to cure diabetes completely. But is possible to control it and lead a healthy life. Insulin injections are not your only option if you are diabetic. You can also depend on natural remedies for diabetes to control your blood sugar levels. The latest food for diabetes control is okra or lady's finger as it is known in India and UK.

Here is a process to use okra for diabetes control.

  • Take two pieces of okra. Chop off the rear end and its cap.
  • A sticky white liquid will start coming out of the okra. Do not wash it off.
  • Drop these pieces into a glass of water before you go off to sleep at night. Remember to cover it with a dish.
  • In the morning, remove the pieces of okra from the water and drink it.
  • You need to do this on a daily basis in order to control your blood sugar levels.
  • This is supposed to reduce your blood sugar levels.
  • Another important fact is that raw okra helps cure diabetes much more than cooked ones.
So while you can keep adding okra to your soups and curries, the best natural remedy for diabetes is to have raw okra soaked in water.
The question is, what nutrient in okra makes it such a powerful natural remedy for diabetes? These are some of the health benefits of okra that can be helpful to diabetics.

Low GI Food: The term GI stands for Glycemic Index. All diabetics are advised to have food that low glycemic index. Okra has a glycemic index of 20. According to medical standards that is a very low GI food. Diabetics can easily snack on okra recipes to fill their stomach and also control their blood sugar levels.

Fights Kidney Disease: The next step after detection of diabetes type 2 is always a kidney condition. It has been seen that persistent high blood sugar levels affect your kidneys very badly. The health benefits of okra include keeping kidney diseases away. So have okra to maintain good renal health if you are diabetic.

Soluble Fibre: Soluble dietary fibres are good for diabetics because it plays a important part in carbohydrate digestion. Okra which is rich in soluble fibres slows down the digestive process and reduces the impact of carbs on the blood sugar levels.

These are some of the reasons for you to choose okra to control diabetes. Have you tried the okra sap therapy? What were the results? Do share with us.

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