old is Gold


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Jul 5, 2011
old is Gold

As our parents get older and their kids have grown up and have their own families, it can be a lonely experience for them to miss the chaos, fun, and noise of having their kids around

As a tribute to your parents, you can do something to make them happy even in their old age.

1. Let you parents know that everything in your life is good and you are in perfect control.This way really make them happy.

2. Show respect to your parents at all times. It brings great happiness to parents to see that they are respected by their kids When you show respect to your parents, you are giving them a priceless gift that makes them happy and proud.

3. Be grateful.

Showing gratitude to your parents for everything they have done to you in the past as well as in the present brings happiness to them.

4. Remember your parents' birthdays and important anniversaries. There's no better way for you to let your parents feel happy and special

5. Keep them involved.

Invite your parents to parties, birthday celebrations, holiday events, and other family activities you will hold

6. Keep in touch with your parents and update them what's going on in your life. Give them a call and ask how they are especially if you don't see them everyday or you live far from them.

7. Health

Keep an eye on hheir health condition. when the are sick, they are physically as well as emotionall weak. Patient with them show concern and love

8. support.

Help them in daily cores like shopping or to hospital visits

9. Give them Gifts

Just as how you get gifts for your kids, in the same way you can give surprises to your parents.

10. Don’t Misbehave and Shout

Old age is second childhood. Sometimes parents can be very adamant sometimes, and often do things which we restrict them to do. You have to treat them gently. Do not shout at them and talk to them in a disrespecting toneor way.

.11. Talk to your Parents

Elderly feel deprived when family members fail to communicate with them. No matter how busy you are, don’t forget to take out some time for your parents. Make it a point to go to their room and have a chat with them.

12. Give them Love

Old people tend to feel that once that they have retired they are of no use to anyone. They start feeling that they are as a burden to their children. If your parents live in such notions, try and clear them.

Explain them that they have to live more years for guiding you, playing with their grandchildren etc.

Make them feel they are needed and loved by all the family members. Encourage your wife and chidren to part in your all activities

Good Luck

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Nov 6, 2011
It is very much true that old is gold. As old things or person always care you, help you i your indeed but new things are not familiar to you that is why they are not your.

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girija chandru

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Oct 24, 2011
the best part of my broken up marriage is :- that i can bring my father home from jan 2012 and be with my father, a knowledgeable person filled with love, some follies, a learned man of languages 6 :- malayalam, english, tamil, french,hindi, sanskrit.yes. i am confident my new year will begin good.


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Sep 2, 2011
really old is gold because old is very good knowledge
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