Olive oil is better than any beauty product: Know How


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Jun 28, 2011

Women try every possible beauty and herbal product to look beautiful. But still the results are never up to the mark.

But, we will tell about a natural beauty product, which will make you look good from your head to toe. We are talking about ‘Olive Oil’. Olive oil is oil with antioxidants that does not allow free radicals to damage your skin cells. And if you include this oil in your food, you can even control your blood pressure.

You can even use this oil in form of face mask, face pack, etc, as it helps avoid wrinkles and bring natural glow on your skin.

For your nails

Dip your nails in olive oil for around half-an-hour. This will make your nails and cuticles soft. This method works much better than any cream available in the market. You can also apply olive oil on nails of your feet and then wear socks. This will work as pedicure.

Soft lips, glowing skin and smooth hair

A light massage of olive oil on your lips will make them soft and supple.

Mix lemon juice in olive oil and apply it on your face thrice a week to remove wrinkles.

Use this oil for your hair. It acts as a conditioner making your hair smooth and healthy.

For glowing face

Wash your face with normal water. Now massage olive oil on your face. Now take half table spoon of sugar and rub it on your face. Now wipe your face with hot and wet towel. Repeating this procedure for a few days will give you a beautiful glowing skin.

Get rid of Dandruff

Use olive oil on your hard and damaged hair. This will make your hair silky. And this will also remove dandruff from your hair if you any.


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