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Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
OM :

There is nothing Hindu or Muslim or Christian about it. Om – in its variants – forms part of all major cultures. It symbolizes goodness or power or meditation or respect.Hindus use it as a chant for all mantras and bhajans and are more popularly associated with Om.
Christians and Jews use it as ‘Amen’ to denote strong affirmation.
Our Muslim brothers and sisters use it as ‘Aamin’.
Buddhists use it as Om Mani Padme Hum.
Sikhism is based on fundamental tenet of ‘Ik Omkar’ or One Om.
Omni which forms root of so many words implies infinity or ubiquity or tremendous presence. For example, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient etc.
Thus Om – like its source Vedas – is beyond all later day religious or cultural divisions and is for entire humanity just as air, water, sunlight, blessings of Ishwar, love of mother, compassion for fellow beings.
The Vedic culture unequivocally states that Om is the best name of Ishwar.

Om is made from three syllables – A (अ), U (उ), M (म्)
Now each of these syllables represent various characteristics of Ishwar or Allah or God or Supreme.
For example,
A represents vast, universal, worth being worshipped
U represents brilliant, minute, source, controller
M represents infinite, undying, knowledgeable, caring
These are just few examples. However in essence, Om summarizes essence of all other names of Ishwar.
Chanting of Om has several benefits – therapeutic, psychological and spiritual-

[h=1] The therapeutic or health benefits.[/h]A: Om is a foolproof method to add healthy years to your life.
a. Chanting of Om several times would relax your entire body and regulate your hormonal system.
b. If you have disorders due to anxiety or worry, or you tend to lose temper, there can be no better remedy.
c. It acts like a detoxifying agent for entire body. If your environment is polluted, you MUST use it.
d. It strengthens heart and circulatory system.
e. It will make your digestion stronger.
f. It will bring youthfulness in body and face.
g. If you are tired and exhausted, it can serve as a great rejuvenator.
h. It can solve most worrisome sleep disturbance patterns, in case you suffer from it. You would wake up alert from sleep if you practice it in night.
i. It strengthens your lungs with some practice.

[h=1]The psychological benefits of Om.[/h]A: Om can become a life changing experience:
a. It can make you much more relaxed to face the world around comfortably.
b. It can help you control your anger and frustration. If you have been chanting Om regularly, it is unlikely that you get angry.
c. It can help you be in resonance with nature. Thus you would find yourself much more intuitive and in control of things. Your gut feel will become much higher.
d. Your interpersonal relationships will improve. You would be able to develop rapport with people much better and make friends from enemies.
e. You will find life much more meaningful and purposeful and carry that natural smile.
f. You will find a jump in your enthusiasm and activity level. Your alertness would increase.
g. You can never feel depressed if you are into Om therapy.
h. If you have a friend suffering from depression and having suicidal thoughts, make him read this article and Gayatri Mantra therapy. Soon all depressing thoughts will vanish away.

[h=1]The spiritual benefits of Om[/h]A: Meditation upon Om is the best spiritual exercise on earth.
a. It helps you develop emotional connect with Ishwar and realize your relation with Ishwar.
b. It helps you realize your purpose in life and how Ishwar is helping you.
c. It helps you realize your identity beyond this temporary hustle-bustle of the world around and develops a sense of how to make best use of this world for the bigger goal.
d. It provides a sense of security that is unmatched. You realize how you are constantly under protection of Ishwar every moment.
e. It helps you feel the Law of Karma and how each thought of yours is shaping the next moment of life and how Ishwar is managing this Law of Karma meticulously for your benefit alone. You understand why and how Ishwar is just and compassionate at the same time. How in his justice alone lies his pardon! How he loves you! How he is caring for you! How he is pampering you!

[h=1]The method of Om therapy.[/h]. Sit down with backbone straight in a position where you need not worry about bodily discomfort. If you are unwell, you can do it lying down. But otherwise, always prefer to be seated. Close your eyes. Take some relaxed deep breaths to release any body tensions.2. Four times are best for Om therapy – one immediately after waking up, one after morning cleansing, one in evening during sunset and finally before sleep. You can also do it when you have nothing else to do better – traveling in a bus (make sure you are not driving!), waiting for someone, feeling the need to get rid of negative emotions or having the relaxed morning walk in park. (Though make sure you are not into something that demands alertness)
3.You can prolong the duration of each chant depending on your comfort. In general, longer the better but if done with comfort.
4. Now do at least 3-5 chants each time. If chanting loud is an issue, you can do it silently.
5. During each chant, FEEL the Ishwar and his love around. Keep a slight smile and flow into the reverberations of the sound inside. This is not the time to think about Ishwar but to FEEL the Ishwar. We want to work at emotional level and not at logical level right now.
6. Continue the vocal chants as long as you enjoy, and then start chanting silently. You can also focus on rhythmic breath patterns for some time
8. After this, if you wish you can continue this meditative stage as long you enjoy and pray to Ishwar in whatever way you desire or whatever name you want to take with a thankful attitude. If you are an atheist, you can replace thought of Ishwar with sense of comfort and peace (Its one and same with difference in semantics alone)
Thats all.
Best Regards,


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