One Week Old Baby Development


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Jul 25, 2011
Congratulations! Your baby is now a week old! During this week, your baby is still sleeping most of the time as he needs it for his growth and development. As for you, you will spend most of your time with him by feeding him, changing his diapers, etc. You might also become anxious to play with your baby, but he’s still very small and fragile yet. Though your baby is just quietly observing, he might be startled with loud noises.

Progress made in a one week old:

  • Your baby is very small yet, and still not able to do much else other than sleep.
  • As compared to when he was newly born, he may now be able to focus on your face.
  • Your baby might also be trying to lift his head when you feed him.
Other things that occur during this time:

During this time, your baby’s umbilical cord is still present and it has become one of your tasks to take care of it during diaper changing. It is suggested by doctors to pat it dry or use alcohol swabs to keep it germ-free. You may notice that as you keep it clean and dry, it has also started to dry up and slowly become smaller. When it has fallen off, don’t worry if you’d see tiny spots of blood. It is a natural process and in time, it will be healed.

Your baby’s bowel movements

You will notice that your baby’s stool is more likely black in color, referred to as meconium. But still, babies’ stools differ depending on the type of milk you are feeding. If you are breastfeeding your baby, his stool will most likely be yellowish and very loose. However, if you’re feeding him with formula, his stool will be brown and much firmer. Bowel movements also vary from a few times a week to once a day.

Jaundice in babies

If you are breastfeeding your baby, you may notice that your baby’s skin is yellowing, also known as jaundice. If you notice that your baby has become too yellow to you, you should immediately call his doctor.

Spitting up in babies

Babies at this age usually spit up and this is pretty normal, but if you notice that he’s spitting up more than what you think is normal, you should contact his doctor immediately.
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