palm jaggery,is the safer alternative to sugar?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Health shops are selling ,, which they advertise as the safer alternative to sugar. Is this so? Can palm jaggery be substituted everywhere for sugar?

Palm jaggery is collected as sap from date palm trees. It's a natural sugar substitute, with a lot of health benefits. It has natural cleansing properties that aid digestion and help remove toxins from the body relieving constipation. Jaggery is used as home remedy to help alleviate dry cold coughs, hiccups, migraines and more. Because of its mineral content, it also helps reduce water retention, bloating and lower blood pressure. It can replace sugar in most Indian recipes. Although jaggery has many medicinal properties versus refined white sugar, it does have the same number of calories (source parent is same) thus for those on weight loss programs, keeping consumption to a minimal should be considered.

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