Papaya. Pappali


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Jul 5, 2011
Papaya. Pappali

The papaya has been regarded as one of the most valuable of tropical fruits
It is cylindrical or pear-shaped. The central cavity is surrounded by hundreds of small seeds, though sometimes seedless varieties of the fruit are also found.

Papaya appears to have originated .in southern Mexico and Costa Rica.
It was taken by the Spaniards to Manila in the mid-16th century and gradually.spre~d to all tropical and sub*tropical countries.
It is now widely cultivated in India, China, Sri Lanka, Malaya, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Central and South Africa, Philippines, Australia and on most of the Pacific islands.

Papaya is rich in vitamin C and and asmall amount of calcium, iron Thiamune,pottasium, riboflavin,niacin .
Papaya is common mans healthy fruit

Medicinal values
Digestive Aid
It contains a protein digesting enzyme called Papain and it is good for digestion

Intestinal Disorders
Papain in the raw papaya is highly beneficial in the deficiency of gastric juice,excess of unhealthy mucus in the stomach, in dyspepsia and intestinal irritation.
The ripe fruit, if eaten regularly,
corrects habitual constipation, bleeding piles and chronic diarrhea.
The juice of the papaya seeds is also useful in dyspepsia and bleeding piles.

Roundworms :
The digestive enzyme, papain in the milky juice of the unripe papaya is powerful anthelmintic for (i.e. which has the power to destroy) roundworms.

Skin Disorders :
The juice of the raw papaya, being an irritant, is useful in several skin disorders.
It is applied with beneficial results to swellings to prevent pus formation or suppuration and to corns, warts, pimples horn, an excrescence or an abnormal outgrowth of the skin and other skin diseases.

Menstrual Irregularities :
The unripe papaya helps the contraction of the muscle fibres of the womb and is thus beneficial in securing proper menstrual flow.

Cirrhosis of the liver
Black seeds of papaya are highly beneficial in the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver caused by alcoholism, malnutrition etc.

Throat Disorders
Fresh juice of raw papaya mixed with honey can be applied with beneficial results over inflamed tonsils for diphtheria and other throat disorders

Spleen Enlargement
Ripe papaya is highly valuable in enlargement of the spleen. The fruit

Fruit for Diabetic patient

Respiratory Disorders.
The milky latex is useful for cough,bronchitis and breathlessness

Antidote for Hypertension
liberal amount of Potassium checks the blood pressur and help the mental alertness

Protect against Heart dieases
papaya helps to prevent tne oxidationof cholestral

Papaya boost the immune system

papaya for better eyesight


Papaya is used in a variety of ways. The ripe fresh fruits are eaten throughout the tropics for breakfast and dessert, and in fruit salads. They are used for making soft drinks, jams and ice*cream flavoring. They are also canned in syrup. Unripe fruits are generally taken as a vegetable.

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