Party manners for your kids


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Party manners for your kids

Here are some tips for your kids to be at their polite best during parties.

Are you going to an important party where there will be a lot of people and are scared your kid might create trouble?

Here are some basic manners you must inculcate in your child for basic party etiquette -

See to it that your child greets other guests politely with a smile. Make sure he/she knows when to shake hands and say hello.

Polite words:
Every person should use polite words like thank you, excuse me and please, and these habits can be best inculcated in a kid. Ask him/her to use these words while asking for or offering food.

No interruption:
Teach your kids not to interrupt when other people are talking. If they want to say something important, teach them to say excuse me first.

Noise levels:
Kids are bound to do some mischief when they are with other kids and are also bound to create a lot of noise. It is okay to have fun, but teach them to not create a havoc in pu

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