PCOS diet


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Apr 6, 2012
Add lot of vegetables to your diet.And greens.Avoid potato ,yam.
Reduce the amount of rice intake.Have only a cup of rice and supplement it with vegs. and greens and fruits. Have buttermilk instead of curd and also skimmed milk.You can also have ragi,kambu ,solam if it is available.
In fruits don't take mango,jack ,sappotta.
Please avoid fried items, packed food, and tinned ones.
Don't have refrigerated one.Prepare and have fresh.
Don't have food thrice ,instead part it into 5 times a day.In between lunch and dinner you can have soups, sprouts , fruits to control hunger.
As a whole, avoid high calorie items and take fibre and protein rich food.
Drink as much water you need.
Go for a regular walk of 30-40 minutes a day.

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