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friends i am here to get a help for all who is suffering from PCOS. I was diagnosed for PCOS before 4 years, and my weight is just increasing and i can't able to reduce weight.

is anybody is there facing the same problem? help me to reduce my weight. My height is 150 cm and my weight before 4 years is 58kg and now i am 75 kg.
Hey kalpusree..
I saw your location is CA.. Trust me.. its very hard to reduce weight in US climate conditions and food habits.. so hit the gym..You will get motivation once you hit the gym..I prefer 24hrs fitness.. where you can go anytime..no timelimits.. free classes like yoga,zumba(dance),bodypump and many more.. so get started...
friends i am here to get a help for all who is suffering from PCOS. I was diagnosed for PCOS before 4 years, and my weight is just increasing and i can't able to reduce weight.

is anybody is there facing the same problem? help me to reduce my weight. My height is 150 cm and my weight before 4 years is 58kg and now i am 75 kg.
hi lakshmi, thanks for your reply and idea. How much cost they will charge. did you tried personally both the 24hrs fitenss center and weight loss. please tell me, how much weight you loosed?
my doctor recommended to eat less carbohydrate foods and advised me to exercise atleast 20 mins daily.

I tried and lossed 3 kg in a month. Try this, only diet with exercise helps to reduce weight.
hi raadhai can you pls tell me which type of diet you had taken. and also let me know the exercises.

thanks in advance. it will be useful for peoples like me.


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i am sangeetha new to this forum. iam also diagnosed with pcos and recommended for weight loss. can any one help me out

Hi friends, AS Raadhai said, diet and exercise is the best way to reduce weight.. you have to exersice nearly 1 hr a day and burn atleast 700 calories..But make sure your intake calories is 1200.. Chappathi/oats/Ragi/Fruits/Vegetables/Water are more essential as these will absorb the fat in your body. Reduce Idly/Dosai/Rice items..
Diet Chart that i followed:
Early morning - warm water with lemon 1 tbsp.
7.00am - Skimmed Milk 100ml
9.00 am - Oats(100gm)/idly-3/Dosai-3/Ragi(100gm)/Upma(100gm)
11.00am- 1 cup of fruit
1.00pm- Rice 100gm+2 cup of vegetables+1 cup of curd
4.00pm- 1 cup of fruit
8.00pm- chappathi-2+1 cup of vegetables
10.00pm- dry fruit nuts one hand full.
4-5ltrs of water per day
3 tbsp of oil per day
These was the diet chart that i followed..And i reduced 5 kg per month..I think this will be helpful for you..
Exercise is must every day.if you feel regular exercise is difficult, go for standard fitness center..they will easily guide you for regular exercise..
add me girls i too have pcos. is there is any treatment that will work for this. i am very much depressed, since i can't even reduce the weight and also i can't able to get conceived.

did any of you got conceived after pcos treatment
PLease do walking daily and wakeup early to have enough time to walk, atleast 40 mins...
and keep continuing it. this keeps many prblems at bay.
Maintaining healthy wt is imp to get pregnant and avoid miscarriages too.
---healthy wt= no pcos!---
Hi all,

PCOD is a disorder which can be treated with hormonal therapy, Healthy diet and exercise. The basic concept which I use with my patients is Low carbohydrate, High Protein and High fibre diet. the diet should be design such that Your BMR should become more.

please go thorugh my blog if you want more details. You can also PM me.

Hey do not worry..with healthy eating and exercise you can reduce weight.
you can contact me

I can give you a good diet plan.
Dr Surabhi jain
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suggest me some diet plan for weight loss. my weight s affecting my pragnancy
Dear Geetha, If you haven’t already changed your diet, use your pregnancy as a time to evaluate your overall eating habits and lifestyle and move towards healthier choices that will benefit you, your family and your baby both now and in the future.

Give up dieting but don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to eat for two. The Department of Health suggest you only need an extra 200 calories each day – and that’s only in the last three months of your pregnancy! In reality, that’s equivalent to two slices of toast with low-fat spread, a banana and a pot of natural yogurt or a bowl of wholegrain cereal with semi-skimmed milk. Stick to a balanced, varied diet that includes lots of foods from each of the four main food groups. It’s vital to top up your nutrient stores to help you cope with the demands of labour – and a new baby.

If you were inactive before you became pregnant, now’s not the time to start strenuous exercise. However, being regularly active will help you to have a healthy pregnancy, easier labour and will help you get back in shape once you’ve given birth. Walking is the best option for you.

Keep on taking those folic acid supplements for the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy and eat more foods rich in this vitamin such as broccoli, spinach, sprouts, pulses, breakfast cereals, wholemeal bread and oranges. The good news is, these foods are also packed with other nutrients.

In addition to avoiding shark, marlin and swordfish and limiting tuna (see above) pregnant women should also have no more than two weekly portions of oily fish like salmon, sardines, trout and mackerel as they may contain chemicals such as dioxins. You should also avoid raw shellfish when you’re pregnant as it can sometimes contain bacteria and viruses that could cause food poisoning.

Pregnant women can become deficient in iron so make sure you have plenty of iron-rich foods in your diet. These include lean red meat, pulses, fortified breakfast cereals, vegetables and dried fruit. Although liver is rich in iron, you should avoid it when you are pregnant because it contains large amounts of vitamin A.

Avoid foods that may contain high levels of listeria, a germ that can cause miscarriage, stillbirth or severe illness in a newborn baby. These include soft mould-ripened cheese, such as Camembert, Brie, chevre (a type of goats cheese) and blue-veined cheese. You should also avoid all types of pâté as it may contain listeria. (Cheddar, Parmesan, feta, ricotta, mascarpone, cream cheese, mozzarella, cottage cheese and processed cheese are all fine, as are live or bio yogurts, probiotic drinks, fromage frais, crème fraiche and soured cream.)

Always cook eggs until the white and yolk are solid to prevent salmonella food poisoning – and don’t eat foods containing raw or partially cooked eggs.

Only eat meat that has been well cooked to prevent food poisoning. This is especially important for chicken, sausages, burgers and food made from minced meat.
Cut down on caffeine as high intakes can result in low birth weight or miscarriage. The FSA recommends no more than 300mg caffeine daily – that’s the equivalent of three mugs of instant coffee, three cups of brewed coffee or six cups of tea. Limit caffeine-containing cola and energy drinks like Red Bull, too.If you or your family has a history of hayfever, asthma, eczema or other allergies, you may want to avoid eating peanuts while you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
If you are pregnant now then this is NOT THE TIME TO LOOSE WEIGHT. You should concentrate in eating healthy.One of my muslim friend kept the fasting for Ramadan while she was pregnant, she was informed that the baby's growth was normal after all the neccessary checkups, but after the fasting when she consulted the doctor, she was advised to abort because the baby's growth was abnormal and if she gives birth the child will be physically and mentally handicapped. She dint have anyother choice otherthan abortion, it was very sad. So never go for such weight loss techniques when you are pregnant. This is the time you have to eat nutritious food for yourself and the foetus. If you eat healthy food you will not have 90% of the weight gained during pregnancy immediately after delivery. So try to loose weight ONLY after delivery.
try balanced nutrition food. avoid junk food, processed food, sweets, soft drinks, bakery products, fried food and take natural and fresh fruits, vegetables.

within two weeks you will start getting benefit and post it for further suggestions

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