Penmai's Answering Wizard - Top answerers contest!!!

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Feb 24, 2010
Dear friends,

Happy to announce a new contest "Top answerers contest" from this month. The main motive of the contest is to answer the members queries.

Every month, questions asked by the users will be indexed in this thread daily.(this will be also available in the top scrolling bar and also in the sidebar). So the members who is willing to participate in this contest should answers the questions in that thread.

The top answerer will be selected on the basis of the quality of the answers given by them to the questions asked by the questioner.

The winning chances are high for the members who answers the maxmimum queries in the month.

1. Chats and greetings posts will be excluded.
2. Winners will be selected by our judging panel.
3. If you have any personal experience related to the questions, you can share that also. that will increase your points for winning.
4. If you get any doubts/queries from the members for your answer, try to explain them again, those replies are also counted.
5. Please don't just copy paste from other websites fully, facts and data can be collected from net, with that use your own words also.
6. Don't mind about the queries/questions age... while answering... the same doubts can be asked by other members, so your answers might be useful for future members.

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