Penmai's Navarathri Golu Contest 2017!

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Feb 24, 2010
​Navaratri is a time that is ​lauded with lot of festivity ​in Penmai. ​Thus Penmai brings you the Golu Contest, Yes! The Most awaited contest is Back. Have you dolled Up your home? Have ​3, 9, 11 or 21 steps? Have you done a creative scene by displaying your pretty dolls? Whatever it may be, Be it anything Here's your chance.

All you have to do ​: ​Take a picture of your Golu decorations and ​Share it to us​.

Contest Rules:

  • You have to Post the Pictures of your Golu.
  • 3, 9, 11 or 21 steps? Whatever it may be, Show up your creativity to make your Golu arrangement and dolls clear with the unique presentation; Originality of the Theme & Traditional Takeaways.
  • Explain the "Theme" of your Golu.
  • If there is any special in your GOLU please explain that too.

*Optional : If you'd like to add your Golu videos, Share them also.​​

To​ Participate​ in this contest,​ As Said above​ you have to post the picture of the Golu which you have arranged in your home on or before ​_. You can also participate on behalf of your friends or neighbors, but don't forget to mention their names.


  • You can post as many of IMAGES you have, minimum 3 pictures, Maximum no exception. To know how to add image, pls check here.
  • Photos quality should be good.
  • ​​Pictures from internet or images which are not yours will not be encouraged.
  • Last Date: October 5th 2017
Your Golu images ​will be ​Published in ​our eMagazine and​ also​ ​​posted on our social media pages.​ ​
What are you waiting for? S​hare ​​how you celebrated ​Navratri - ​Golu this year!
​W​ishing Happy ​Navratri to all of you from ​Penmai!

Sep 21, 2017
Hi! I am Vaishnavi, residing in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai. Would love to share our Navratri photos with you.

Our golu specials:
1. We were helped by my sister in the arrangement of our golu. Seeing her smile and have fun was our first win.
2. Our 400 year old ambaal handed down generations after generations is being displayed.
3. A rare sorgavasal set
4. Everybody displays the usual dolls - Ashtalakshmi, Dasavadharam, Kalyanam etc., but we also make it a point to display sets that would teach us our Tamizh culture. We have
a. Manu needhi sozhan
b. Mullai ku ther kodutha Paarivallal
c. Avvai ku nelli kani kodutha Adhiyaman
So that every kid who walks in will be taught our past and culture along with stories of these sets.
5. Handmade Burj Khalifa tower.


Sep 21, 2017

Mrs Soumya Sriram

Namaskarams !

I am pleased to send my entry for Penmai's Navarathri Golu Contest 2017

The theme of my Golu is "Melakarta Ragas"

There is an play and hear demo of the Melakarta or Parent Ragas.

This golu I have made a small golu with a theme that does no more than showcase the 72 melakarta ragas, their structure and an audio of the aarohanam, avarohanam of each of the 72 parent ragas together with a Carnatic song and a film song.

This golu is to tickle the viewers interest in our heritage and interest him or her to walk on a path of understanding Carnatic music.

My husband Sriram was instrumental in helping me with the creation.

I have placed a keyboard for the viewer to try playing the chords of their favorite melakarta while listening and learning.

Doing this golu was great learning. We invite you all to our home this Navaratri !

There is also a brief video on the Melakarta Theme I have uploaded on youtube - link here -

Please find a photo of the Golu.


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Sep 22, 2017
Hi Everyone! I am Lakshmi residing at Pallavaram, Chennai.
2017 is a very special year for me since I had my baby girl, Aditi in April 2017 and we have started keeping Golu from this year.
This being my maiden Golu, I have decided to dedicate it to my kutti angel Aditi a.k.a Kamakshi:)

The theme for our Golu is 'Village Life'. I have named the village Aditipuram after my daughter.:bigsmile:

Life in a village is full of peace and simplicity, something which we city dwellers certainly lack.The hustle and bustle and din of the city life is absent here.

People lead their lives in the lap of Mother Nature in the villages.The villagers bask in the beauty of the bright sun, the lovely moon and the stars,the melodious chirpings of the birds and the delightful fields and gardens.

An environment without gadgets addiction and only the calmness of nature is what I have tried to capture here.



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