Penmai's Superstar - Best Contributor


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Dear Friends,

Its the time to express our appreciation with our Superstar Award to the One who sparkled with a brighter sheen. This Woman has graced our forum with many intriguing threads and with good, consistent contributions. She has been active in different sections and was particularly maintained her consistency in our forum.

And the Super Star of the Month award for March 2016 under the field of Best Contributor goes to @shrimathivenkat for her diligent Performances.

Congratulations Shrimathi. Keep going your good work.

By starting this award series, we hope that we honor our members, their works and their vital role in our Penmai.

Here's the gift for you,

Your avatar will be changed to Penmai's Super Star. Whenever you wish, you can change it as per your choice.

Please email your Indian Postal Address with Phone no. to or private message to Penmai Support Team. Once you received the gift please confirm the same. If you need any replacement of books also please do let us know.