Perfect? 80% of men opt for woman with flaws


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Perfect? 80% of men opt for woman with flaws

Eighty per cent of men are convinced the perfect woman doesn't exist, but the good news for ladies is that four out of five prefer them with flaws, according to a new UK survey.

In a survey of 2,000 men, researchers found there wasn't a single man who rated his partner as perfect, listing bad temper, disliking sport and being obsessed with cleanliness as their most common shortcomings. But, four out of five men said they liked it that way while half of them said their current partner is 'the one' for them, the Daily Mail said.

Just a fifth would actually want their partner to be 100% perfect.
The research found that most men rate their other half as just 67% perfect. Other grumbles regarding the imperfection were a tendency to make a big deal of things, criticizing their driving and an insistence on watching soap operas.

Taking too long to get ready was also a big feature on the list of imperfections as well as women's need to always have the last word. Some even complained that their partners needed to shave their armpits more. Six in 10 complained that their lover tried to change dress sense and diet.
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