Permanent dental implants for edentulism patients


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Permanent dental implants for edentulism patients

Patients suffering from edentulism (missing all tooth in the jaw) can now look forward to permanent dental implants which they do not have to rinse or take out before going to sleep.

Conventional dentures still remain the most preferred option for patients, but they only restore ten percent of chewing ability and lead to jaw bone degradation, Suchetan Pradhan, official of Nobel Biocare, which is a world leader in innovative restorative and aesthetic dental solutions, said Monday.

“But implants can restore from 60 to 80 percent of chewing ability and patients do not experience any bone shrinkage. Additionally it lasts for life, if proper oral care is taken,” she told a media conference.

He said a pan Indian survey conducted by the company revealed that edentulism is on the rise in Indians due to improper oral hygiene and tobacco chewing habits. It usually strikes post-45 and is classified as a physical handicap by the World Health Organisation.

Patients of edentulism experienced speech problems, reduced chewing ability and loss of normal facial structure, which hugely impacted their social lives.
The permanent implants and prosthetics are made of titanium and bio-compatible materials.

“The surgical procedure is done in one sitting. So you can go to the dentist with a toothless facial expression, but come back with a full set of pearly whites flashing a million dollar smile,” he said.

Such titanium implants are popular in US and Switzerland, but yet to become popular in India.

Though it is more expensive than the dentures, its longevity and hassle-free characteristics make it economically viable in the long run, he added.

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