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Dec 6, 2012
Dubai, UAE
I am facing problem with my oily skin. I use to wash my face 5 to 6 times a day. 20 mins after washing, my face get oily again and it really irritates me. Can somebody please suggest me the good and effective way to get rid of it.
Blame oily skin on men, to the male hormone androgen that controls oil production in the skin.

The good news about oily skin is that it keeps the skin looking younger. Over time, people with oily skin tend to wrinkle less than people with dry or normal skin. Although there is no permanent cure for oily skin, you can prevent or control the production of oil from your skin with these tips.

Although there is no permanent cure for oily skin, you can prevent or control the production of oil from your skin with these tips.

Cleanse your face frequently with liquid based soaps. Cleansing frequently can remove the excess oil, which is constantly produced by sebaceous gland. It also clears the pores and cleans the dust or dirt deposited in them and also prevents acne problem. Tomatoes act as good cleanser for oily skin. In 3 tablespoons of tomato pure add 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder, mix it up with rose water and apply on your face, leave it for 20 minutes. You can see better results with this pack.

Use toners containing astringents, since they are very helpful in exfoliating and removing dead cell from your skin, minimize the pores and improve the oily skin.

Avoid moisturizers because they are meant for moistening the skin. As your skin is already oily, it doesn’t need any moisturizer and also it will make your skin look more oilier.

Clay mask, egg mask, lemon, yoghurt are also good.

Drink plenty of water. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Take 1 teaspoon of flaxseed oil a day, sounds weird, but there is a good rationale. Flaxseed is high in essential fatty acids which obviously improves skin conditions including oily skin.

Hope it helps!
Feb 6, 2013
New Zealand
This is natural home remedies.
Permanent solution for oily skin.
1 cup of cold chamomile tea

3 drops lavender and/or tea tree oil (essential oils are antibacterial)

1/4 cup aloe vera gel or juice or 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (optional)
1/2 teaspoon of arrowroot
Mix well in a bottle (shake well) and then spritz on face for a cooling oil reduction spritz.

This is a simple recipe that you can adapt by adding cucumber juice or other ingredients depending on what you want to do for your skin.
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Mar 29, 2013
Home and natural remedy is the best.
But to do it daily is the key to success. I have observed and experienced home remedy are effective but time consuming too. For oily skin problems I would recommend drink lots of water and use a face cleansing soap which is good for the skin. In India very few brands offer grooming products for men. Park Avenue , Raymond, Premium are the leading brands. See the soap offered by Park Avenue which has tea tree oil and shea-butter. This combination cleanses the soap without making it very dry.

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