Physical activites and child development


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Jul 5, 2011
Physical activites and child development

Studies reveal that children who are more athletic in their growing years are likelier to remain fit and healthy when they grow up.
Statistics also show that enthusiasm in sports and related activities helps prepare children for competitive pressure and physical stability issues in their future. Therefore, sports and stamina are firmly linked with your child's adequate growth, development and aptitude. Today, Dr. Amitabh Pandit, Orthomolecular nutrition expert and author of BJAIN book - Super Foods - Make Your Child a Genius, gives us some quick fix strategies that will help in increasing stamina for your child athlete.

Importance of exercising for children. Exercising is very important for children nowadays, as these days, children are very inactive in regard to physical activity. Regular exercise or any form of physical activity, such as playing outdoor games, running, climbing, or cycling, increases stamina and makes your child mentally and physically fit. By exercising regularly, a child will also be able to successfully control his or her weight, reduce the risk of diabetes, blood pressure and various other diseases.

Commit the necessary time. It is always recommended to have a dedicated time for playing. Every parent should fix a set time for their child's outdoor playing, so that they will be well focused in all spheres of their regular life. For example, your child can run in the mornings and play outdoor games in the evenings.

Encourage a mixture of physical activities. It is not necessary that the child should run every day or be religious about single activities like cycling, football, badminton, and tennis. Even activities like walking, swimming, dancing, yoga, skating are good. It increases the stamina of the child, which finally makes them more confident and not to forget, healthy.

Ways to work fitness into family holidays. Family fitness is a new concept fast catching up with the new generation. Now, everyone in the family wants to be fit because of increased levels of awareness regarding healthy lifestyles and disease prevention, not to mention looking great. Using family holidays could be another way to work on fitness, like playing together on Sunday mornings, and going out for other active outings.

Enroll your kid in age-appropriate activities. As society progresses, age-specific activities and sports for growing children become more popular. Today, you will find most children physical fitness activities advertised as being suitable for specific age groups. For example, a child below 5 years will enjoy activities like dance, cycling, skating, and swimming. A child between 5 and 11 years, will appreciate sports like tennis, cricket, foot ball, basketball, etc, and so on.

Your child should perform in group and extra-curricular school activities. Every parent should encourage their child to participate in extracurricular activities in school, be it a participation in drama, sports, debate, group discussions, music, or anything else. Participation helps build a child's overall energy, confidence and stamina.

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