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Jul 5, 2011
Find out if you need physiotherapy

We often hear about physiotherapy in relation with musle or joint recovery and other serious, debilitating physical experiences.

However, the science behind Physiotherapy is far more inclusive and relevant in today's stressful , fast-paced times. Dr. Shiv Kanwat, Consultant, Physiotherapy at Moolchand Orthopaedics Hospital, says, "Physiotherapy is a branch of medical science, which not only deals with the stress over the body but also works to un-stress the mind and therefore helps the patients to lead a better quality of life." Today, he helps us understand the science and practice behind Physiotherapy in detail. Read on and find out if you need physiotherapy too! Over to Dr. Shiv Kanwat.

For orthopaedics cases:
In cases of orthopaedics, physiotherapy helps in treating post fracture stiffness, joint pains, arthritis, and sports injuries like tennis elbow, muscle strain and sprains through electro-therapeutic modalities.

For neurological cases:
It helps the patients overcome the weakness developed in the muscles due to injuries and neurological ailments such as strokes, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and spinal cord injury through specialized exercise programs. These are designed after the proper assessment of the patient's condition and requirements, and help in restoring and enhancing the muscle movement.

For sports injury cases:
Physiotherapy also caters to sports persons or people hitting gyms, aerobic exercises etc., through proper guidance and by telling them the proper technique of execution in order to prevent any potential injury during the workout or at the game field.

For occupational injuries cases:
Physiotherapy also plays a vital role when it comes to injuries and pains occurring due to occupations such as computer professionals, air hostess and caterers, essentially jobs that involve prolonged standing or other physical activities. This is done by closely monitoring the work environ meant and suggesting the possible ergonomical changes that one can implement along with the postural care and advising the exercises to combat the occupation related stress.

For pregnant women:
Pregnant females benefit from physiotherapy as it helps them combat the stresses and discomforts of pregnancy through proper relaxation techniques. These exercises maintain normal posture and breathing to ease the labor process.

For school children:
School children can also benefit from physiotherapy through ergonomical advice along with postural care and relaxation techniques.

For the elderly:
Elderly people can also avail benefits through physiotherapy and lead a better quality life.

Physiotherapy tips to alleviate pain

-One should take frequent breaks, say after every 20 minutes while working for long hours on computers or when sitting and reading.

-When standing for long durations, keep a small foot rest and alternatively rest one leg over it and if possible sit in between.

-Always take some time out for yourself and do regular exercises, do physical activities like climbing stairs instead of using lift.

-Walking and jogging should be part of routine exercises.

-A good diet and eating habits will help in keeping the weight in control and prevent undue stress on the joints and muscles.

-Regular exercise and following a healthy lifestyle.

-No smoking, low to no alcohol, no junk food and proper sleep are essential; it not only makes the body healthy but will also make the brain strong enough to combat the tensions of day to day life.
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