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Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
'Pineapple' A Dangerous Fruit For Pregnant Women!

Tartary, citric and delicious is three words you would put across when it comes to a pineapple. There are a vast health benefits of pineapple and for women it is essentially good for them during the menopause period. A summer fruit many would call it as it contains a lot of water content keeping you cool from the summer heat.

Now, although there is a lot of health benefits of pineapple, pregnant women should strictly keep away from them as it has multiple hazards to the child inside the womb.

Here are the reasons as to why the benefits of pineapple is bad for pregnant women

1.The pineapple fruit is rich in minerals and proteins and can get rid of sore throats and other infections in the stomach, but for a pregnant women it is highly 'dangerous' as it increases the risk of abortion!

2.The consumption of pineapple for women in the early trimesters can cause the risk of uterine contractions which are dangerous for the growing womb. It is simply best to avoid fruits like pineapple and papaya during pregnancy. According to tradition, they believe that the consumption of papaya during pregnancy will lead to uterine contractions like that of pineapple. Papaya, which is rich in vitamin C helps to relieve one from constipation and heartburn but for pregnant women it is highly dangerous especially in the third trimester of pregnancy.

3.The benefits of pineapple is not that helpful for a pregnant woman. Researchers claim to say that a fresh pineapple contains Bromelian which softens the cervix leading to diarrhea. So its best to avoid this fruit completely.

4.A handful of pregnant women though had no problems when it came to this deadly fruit, however, few gynecologists claim to say that the benefits of pineapple can surely be useful for pregnant women towards the onset of their due date as it helps to induce labor. So if you cant resist this fruit, 'first' consult your doctor on whether it is healthy for you to eat during your present trimester of pregnancy!

These are some of the ways where the benefits of pineapple is not really essential for people.

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