Plan a girlie night in-- A pyjama party


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Plan a girlie night in-- A pyjama party

Planning to have some of your BFFs over? Why not plan a fun night at home, where you can eat, drink, gossip and have lots of girlie fun.

Plan it out
Choose a date that's suitable for all your friends and make a list of what you need. A grocery list of food and drinks items is a must. Arrange for some dance tracks and make sure there's sleeping provision for your friends who might stay over.

Have a theme
The best parties usually have a theme. It can be something simple like a black and white theme or a more elaborate school girl or spa or hippie theme. Send out invites to your friends well in advance and try to have food and decoration that match the theme.

For a fun girlie night, you need to plan the entertainment. Truth and Dare is a popular game played by most people. You can also plan some drinking games or make use of traditional games like Dumb Charades and Scrabble with a fun twist. Renting some movies is also a good idea. Choose fun rom-coms or women power movies.

Stock up
Remember to keep the food simple and light. Finger foods like cheese chilli toast, popcorn, chips and dip will be liked by all. Always ensure there's enough for both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Stock up on a variety of sodas, colas, juices as well as vodka and rum. Tequila also makes for a fun drink.

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