Plan a themed baby shower


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Plan a themed baby shower

The little one has arrived. And you want to throw a unique party. If you want to do something wacky, go for the jungle themed baby shower. Here's how you can work on the theme and give your guests the feel of a real jungle.

The invitation
Make an invitation card that will give you the feel of a jungle. Though baby shower cards are available aplenty in stores, give it a personal touch and make one on your own. Make sure you have animal prints on the card to give a real feel. You can rubber stamp graphics like a leaf or a lion that go with the theme.

The moment a guest enters the house, let them feel that they have actually entered a jungle. Cover doors with green leaves, use vines, and at the entrance, place a sign that reads 'Enter at your own risk'. If you have big plants at home, use them to decorate the area where the shower will take place. Do not forget to add stuffed toys like monkeys, elephants, deer, etc to the decor. You can also download and print pictures of animals, plants etc from the web, make cutouts and stick them on the walls of the house. Use a mosquito net to create a cool jungle look.

You can make lots of goodies like cookies, cakes, sandwiches, cheese slices etc in the shape of various animals. The drinks can also be made with coconut water, lime and orange tang. You can also get some funky looking 'jungle juice' that tastes great. Monkey Mix is a hot favorite drink in the jungle theme party. To make Monkey Mix, combine mini chocolate chips, cashews, banana chips and shredded coconut and enjoy a wildly good treat!

Jungle games
Jungle dumb charades - Break the group of guests into groups of four or five people each. Take turns with each group acting out their clue while the other team guesses. Be sure to put some more difficult animals in the mix like a hyena, wild boar and baboon along with the usual suspects like a monkey, giraffe, elephant, and lion.

Jungle animal search: Guests playing the games are supposed to guess all the animals correctly within a certain period of time. The guest who finds the most answers, wins.

The Jungle Animal Babies: In this game, every player has to guess the right name of the animal babies. Whoever wins, gets a jungle goody.

From hooded towels, bath mats, clothing, washcloths, bibs and burp cloths, and even pacifier clips, get cute animal printed gifts for the newly born.

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