Planning pregnancy for your healthy child-part 5

Oct 27, 2014
Hereditary Diseases:
When a couple has hereditary disease, it’s better to get consulted with the doctor. If a couple has any medical disorder or disability like blood cell damage, muscular dystrophies or any genetic disorder then the chances are high in number for the child to get affected. Proper medical care must be given to women if any such kind of issues is seen in them or in their ancestors, since that may affect the future generation of that family. If both parent are affected by the hereditary disease the chances becomes double times higher for the child to get affected out of that disease.
Decrease in hemoglobin level, RBC level, disability of liver, muscular dystrophies, brain and nervous disorders, hereditary bone disorders, cyst formation, fibrosis, Wilson disease, albinism, Down syndrome, inherited clotting problems are few examples for hereditary diseases.
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