Please help me friends..Im confused..

Dec 26, 2013
Hi friends...You all know that im trying for a baby nearly two years...For last three months, im having symptoms like my breast is very very soft and it hurts even i touch lightly...sometimes dizziness and during night i had very high body temperature..even my husband is saying your body is very heat nu...These symptoms starts one week before my period..My periods is getting delayed by 5 days ..i will think that im pregnant...but after 5 or 6 days my periods came...this month also im having all these symptoms..Till now periods doesnt come but i feel like its coming..Im totally confused...i read all these are symptoms of pregnancy..its really horrible time to wait for my positive pregnancy test...But i dont want to get disappointed if i get negative result..two days before i had a dream like im pregnant even after i woke up i feel like pregnant and my stomach is big ..Later only i realized its dream and my husband is waiting for a baby..i dont have mother and i need to become a mother and my mother should come as a baby for me...Please friends can any one help me why symptoms are coming but why periods is coming late nu..​

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