pls help me my love is hurting me

Jun 12, 2012
friends i am here to ask you a suggestion, pls do reply me with clear solution to save my life and love.

i am married before 9 months, ours is love marriage, though parents opposed atlast they give green signal for our marriage. now our problem is we both only. my husband loved me a lot and cares me like a baby before marriage. he phone atleast 50-75 times per day.

but after marriage 3 months went smoothly but after that we had lot fights and it is now very hurting for me. he is not at all understanding what i am saying. we have fights for every single thing. my parents don't know about these things. if they came to know they will suffer a lot. if the problem persists like this, i think we will be separated permanently.

pls help me to save my love and my marriage life.


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Hi Uma,

I am really astonished to see your post .
why you want to get a ready made solution?
what happen to your real friends of your real life?
what about to your Mom, Aunts and grand mother?
it is wise to get the guidenence from the near and dear.

bit of advice from my side.
your love is like a seed and you searched a proper land and planted it .that is your man.with great care ( Love and tele communication) the seed started to grow (marriage) Instead of caring the young plant with water (Care), sunlight (Love) and manure (understanding)
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