plsgive suggestion for my love

May 30, 2015
H frnds,
I am 28 yrs 3yrs ena vida 3 yrs age low 25 yr boy love panuran..boy veetula accept panitanga.. but en veetula caste prblm nala en love reject panitanga..en mum thavira elarum accept panitanga en mum nala en love epo failure aiduchu..epo en lover ku avan interest elama avanuku ponnu pathutanga june last engagement..but nanum avanum enum serious love panurom engala love vitu kudukamudiyala..nanga rendu perum future pathi naeraya paesi vatchutom..enga manasu vera ponnu avanuku vaera paiyan enakum accept pana mudiyala...en lover avanuku patha ponnu kitaum ava prnts kitaum en love pathi paesi engagement stop pana ninaichom but avanuku patha ponnu epo avana love pana start panita.avalum prnts nethan veetu mapillai urthiya solitanga..en lover avan prnts kitaum paesi pathanga avan prnts epo past love reject panitanga..epo patha ponnu marriage pannu nu solitanga..enoda lover enum nathan vanum nu urthiya erukanga..nanum avan than vanum nu urithiya erukan..plsss en love success akurathuku suggestions kudunga ...nanga rendu perum manasala naesikiravanga marriage pananum nu ninaikom...engala vaera lifeaccept panamudiyala..plsss help

priya ravi

Friends's of Penmai
Jun 13, 2011
Kuala lumpur
Hi Sweety

Quite a difficult situation at ur end and i seriously doubt if i could suggest u on this..

1. u people left the chance of getting married immediately when u had approval from ur in laws and ur home except for ur mom.. when all had ur back, u could have won ur moms heart even after marriage..

2. now the situation has got too complex with another girl and her family involving.. again, here u guys missed the chance of asking ur in laws to wait for sometime till ur mom gets convinced and in the mean time not to look for any alliance.. u guys should have convinced them to cool down the issue for a while before seeking other gals family..

i dont want to quote this but this is what u had written - "en love epo FAILURE aiduchu", "avan prnts epo PAST LOVE reject panitanga"

somewhere deep down, u have already got it "ITS LATE and OVER ".. After all these, i would say move on.. just keep in mind guys , ur love is going to disturb the peace at three families..


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