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Jul 5, 2011
Health Benefits of Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice has many health benefits. It has shown promise in the prevention of cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and much more.

Pomegranate juice has become popular in the past few years, but does it really live up to the hype? It looks like it.
Several recent studies have shown significant potential health benefits from drinking pomegranate juice. Here are eleven:

Fights Breast Cancer

Studies in Israel show that pomegranate juice destroys breast cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. It may also prevent breast cancer cells from forming.

Lung Cancer Prevention
Studies in mice show that pomegranate juice may inhibit the development of lung cancer.

Slows Prostate Cancer

It slowed the growth of prostate cancer in mice.

Keeps PSA Levels Stable

In a study of 50 men who had undergone treatment for prostate cancer, 8 ounces of pomegranate juice per day kept PSA levels stable, reducing the need for further treatment such as chemotherapy or hormone therapy.

Protects the Neonatal Brain

Studies show that maternal consumption of pomegranate juice may protect the neonatal brain from damage after injury.

Prevention of Osteoarthritis

Several studies indicate that pomegranate juice may prevent cartilage deterioration.

Protects the Arteries

It prevents plaque from building up in the arteries and may reverse previous plaque buildup.

Alzheimer's Disease Prevention

It may prevent and slow Alzheimer's disease. In one study, mice bred to develop Alzheimer's disease were given pomegranate juice. They accumulated significantly less amyloid plaque than control mice and they performed mental tasks better.

Lowers Cholesterol

It lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) and raises HDL (good cholesterol).

Lowers Blood Pressure

One study showed that drinking 1.7 ounces of pomegranate juice per day lowered systolic blood pressure by as much as 5 percent.

Dental Protection

Research suggests that drinking pomegranate juice may be a natural way to prevent dental plaque.


Aug 29, 2011
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Re: Health Benefits of Pomegranate Juice

I have heard about the health benefits of pomegranate juice but I can't find it in my area. I will check out the internet though I hate to pay shipping unless it is absolutely necessary.


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Jun 28, 2011

Time to add another carton of fruit juice to your shopping basket:
it seems pomegranate is the new wonder drink for all-round good health benefits.
Not convinced?
Check out these eight reasons why pomegranate deserves a place in your diet.
1. It contains three times more antioxidants, glass for glass, than red wine or green tea.

2. Drinking it will boost your intake of vitamins C, E, and K,
as well as potassium and calcium.

3. It contains folic acid, necessary to make red blood cells, and iron.

4. Drink pomegranate juice after a workout as it will speed up your recovery
and reduce muscle aches.
Research also indicates that it may prevent cartilage deterioration.

5. Pomegranates are thought to help protect you against cancer.
Research conducted in Israel showed that pomegranate juice destroys
breast cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone.

6. New research shows that it may also help to prevent cardiovascular disease,
heart attacks and strokes, as it is understood to halt clogging in your arteries.

7. Studies have also shown that pomegranates can help to lower bad cholesterol
and build good cholesterol.

8. As well as being a source of calcium, pomegranates may also help to prevent
dental plaque forming on your teeth.

Looking for a pure pomegranate juice to help boost your health?
Check the ingredients, and avoid pomegranate drinks with added sugars,
juices, water and additives.

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May 24, 2010
Re: Health Benefits of Pomegranate

Pomegranate is highly beneficial for the diseases like piles, diarrhoea, dysentery, constipation, Hyperacidity, Anaemia, Intestinal worms, cough etc.

The pomegranate fruit is well known to everyone and it is grown throughout India. The colour and taste of the fruit gives attraction to the eyes of the individuals. It has curative and medicinal properties and it also helps to cure various ailments in human body.

The fruit is red inside and reddish yellow outside. The reddish seed of the fruit gives more taste than that of white one.

The botanical name of the fruit is punicagranatum, it belong to the family punicacea. In India this fruit is mostly cultivated in places like Maharashtra and Gujarat. But the native of the fruit is considered to be of Iran and Afganistan. But at present this fruit is grown in all places and it can be cultivated in any kind of land and in any season. This fruit is grown more during the last quarter of the year.


The pomegranate fruit contain moisture about 76%, protein 1.6%, carbohydrate 14%, fat 0.1 %, calcium 10%, magnesium 12 mg, phosphate 70 mg, sodium 9 mg, thiamine .06mg, riboflavin 9 mg, vitamin C &D 14 mg, 27% pectin, nicotinic acid 30mg. percent per 100 gms. Its calorific value is 65. The pomegranate fruit contain good source of sugars. When the fruit get well ripened. It can be prepared in the form of wine. It is also a good source of iron and calcium.


The leaves, flower, skin and root of Pomegranate has its own curative properties. The fruit when it is taken directly, it gives cooling effect to the abdomen and also does blood purification. It contain considerable amount of oxalic and nicotinic acid. Roots, bark, flowers, fruits and seeds of Pomegranate – they all have medicinal properties in them. Roots, stem, bark – astringent, cooling, anthelmintic (especially good against tapewarm). Flowers are styptic and antiemetic. Seeds are diuretic, cardiotonic and anti-emetic.


Seeds are effective remedy for diarrhoea and dysentery. The one tablespoon powder mixed with buttermilk, consumed two or three times daily. Even the pomegranate juice is proved beneficial in case of diarrhoea as it contain astringent properties. The outer skin of the pomegranate is boiled in a cup of water till it become half and taken 2-3 times a day.


The pomegranate fruit is used for reducing cough. The flower of the fruit is to be kept in sun and dried, make it as powder and taken with hot water. The flowers of the fruit are taken, crushed, remove the juice from it with a small piece of ginger (read more on health benefits of ginger). Add small quantity of honey in it and taken.


The pomegranate fruit is effective in case of piles. The fruit should be consumed every morning in an empty stomach by adding a pinch of salt. This is taken for about three months regularly. It can also be taken with honey. Take a tsp. of the powder of the dry rind of Pomegranate with buttermilk to arrest the bleeding piles.


The bark of the fruit is to be dried in sun and make it powered. Take 2 tea spoonful of powder and boiled in a form of kashayam. This is taken in an empty stomach for about a week. This is very effective in case of intestinal worms.


The pomegranate fruit is effective in case of hyperacidity as it is rich form of alkali. So it helps to neutralize the acid. It is to be taken daily in an empty stomach for about a month.


The pomegranate fruit plays a vital role in secretion of enzymes. So this fruit improves the function of digestion. Mix the juice of pomegranate with a tsp. of honey and drink to cure conditions of indigestion especially when accompanied by giddiness


A decoction of equal parts of Kutaja bark and Pomegranate rind powder is taken with a tsp. of honey.


Saumph (cumin seeds) and Pomegranate seeds should be pasted and held in the mouth to clear the unpleasant taste.


The juice of Pomegranate, rock salt and honey should be held in the mouth for a few minutes and then swallowd.


The powder of the ring of Pomegranate fruit should be licked with sugar and honey.


In threat of abortion during the 5th month of pregnancy, the powder of the leaves of Pomegranate and sandal powder should be taken frequently with yoghurt and honey.


An oil is prepared with the paste of the fruit and sesame oil and applied on the breasts regularly to help maintain their firmness.


Pound the buds with water and instill a few drops in the nose to stop bleeding.


Roast the rind of the fruit until it turns black and powder it. Mix this charred powder in some oil and apply over the anus.


Make a decoction of the stem bark and drink. Punicine, the alkaloid in the stem bark is very effective against tapeworm.


Dry the flower buds of pomegranate and powder them. Roll the powder into small pills and take a pill thrice a day to enhance memory power.


The pomegranate fruit is considered to be a laxative and used in case of constipation. Fruit should be taken about 100-200 gms. in morning and evening. It helps to increase peristaltic movements of the intestines and there by helps to relieve the constipation.


The pomegranate fruit is effective in case of anemia. It helps to increase the hemoglobin content in the blood, as it is rich in iron content. Pomegranate is to be taken about 200gms in the morning in a empty stomach.
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