Possessive, are you? Take this quiz to find out.


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
[h=1]Possessive, are you?[/h] Take this quiz to find out.

When the person you are going out with is out with his/her friend, you...
a. Call him/her up every 10 minutes and check where exactly they are and what they are doing.
b. Send a message and ask your girlfriend/boyfriend to message you once they get home safely.
c. Don't bother checking at all. Let him/her do whatever he/she wants to.

You are out with your friends and you see your steady with his/her ex at a restaurant. You...
a. Barge in on the scene and tell him/her off for not telling you that they were meeting up.
b. Walk up to them casually and say hello to the ex without being rude or angry.
c. Stay away if your steady wants to tell you about it, it's his/her choice.

Your partner calls you and cancels a date cause he/she is sick at home. You...
a. Call on the landline to make sure he/she is at home then call every hour to ensure that he/she doesn't step out.
b. Ask if you can do anything for him/her and promise to stop by in the morning.
c. See this as a great opportunity to meet up with your friends. You haven't gone bowling for a long time now,

You see your steady girlfriend/boyfriend is chatting with a friend and you go join them, but he/she asks you to give them a few minutes alone. You...
a.Get really upset, create a scene and walk off.
b. Give them space. If it's something that is important, you'll get to know eventually.
c. Good riddance. You didn't want to hang out with them and be a part of their chat anyways.

Would your girlfriend/ boyfriend lie to you?
a. Not possible, I ask so may questions that he/she will get caught.
b. Maybe one of those harmless lies.
c. Like I care!

Do you and your partner do everything together?
a. Of course, all good couples are meant to be that way, aren't they?
b. We aren't always together. We love spending time with each other, but then we also give each other space.
c. No, she does her thing and I am busy with my friends most of the time.

At a party you and your girlfriend/ boyfriend are...
a. Together all night, I make sure of that!
b. Together most of the night, but off doing our own things with friends as well.
c. Doing our own thing most of the night.

You think your steady has cheated on you but you just can't prove it. What would you do?
a. Create a big scene, of course.
b. I would confront my partner.
c. I would cheat on him/her too, that way we are equal and no one has to confess.

Mostly A: You are too possessive. Your partner is bound to feel stifled in the relationship after a while and may even think of ending the relationship. You need to get a grip on your self. Lack of space is a problem here and you need to think about tit seriously.

Mostly B: You seem to be able to strike a good balance. Your partner knows that he/she can trust you. Plus you believe in doing things together as well as separately, which is great for a relationship.

Mostly C: You are almost single. There doesn't seem much to your relationship. It looks like you are not interested in making this relationship work at all. You need to take a close look at your relationship and then decide whether you really want to be in it.

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