Practical Disciplines to Impart to Children!!!


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Dec 13, 2011
I believe that parents and family can not impart ‘Samskars’ (Tendencies) to a child because Samskars are in the mind of a child from its previous Karmas (actions & deeds) at the time of its birth. What parents, family and society can do is, impart habits of mannerism, customs and temporary beliefs of society to the growing up child but not tendencies.

There are four basic disciples that all parents must try to impart to their wards:
1. Formal Education (preferably graduation).
2. Professional Education / training.
3. A ‘HUNAR’ some type of Craft / Art , practiced physical
4. A constructive Hobby.
These disciples are explained below, very briefly:

Parents must try and impart a formal education , embracing all general aspects of life sciences, at least up to 10 + 2 class but preferably up to a Bachelor’s Degree in any branch of formal studies as best as they can afford, without discrimination of sex of child. The Ethics, Logic and True Dharma must be taught by parents or learned elders of the society to the children, informing them of Cosmology, why they are here and the purpose of life, being on this planet. It is the first discipline that must be imparted to a child by parents.

This comes after a child has received formal minimum qualification to enter into a professional or a vocational training. Great care must be taken to select a profession or a vocation for the ward. First and foremost it must be according to the choice, aptitude and liking of the ward. All other things will take care by themselves if parents have an attitude of “How Can we do it”? This is the second discipline parents must impart to their children.

Here the parents can only act in helping, encouraging and suggesting a creative hobby. Watching TV, listening to music, reading comics or playing electronic games on modern gadgets or reading pure fiction thrillers, all these things when done in excess, are not creative hobbies.

But sports & games, indoors or out doors, learning music (singing, playing and dancing), chess, bebating, hicking, travelling, reading to acquire knowledge, and such like, are creative hobbies. This is the third discipline that parents must impart to their children.

Hunar is a Persian word meaning a personal skill. Hobby and Hunar seem to overlap each other but there is a great difference between them. You may have a hobby of music but may not sing, play or dance. But Hunar is a skill to do it yourself. It can be of any useful kind such as painting, a handy-craft, photography or skilful use of modern gadgets, dancing, gardening, cooking, knitting, weaving, dramatics etc. and such like things, they come handy during crises. There are so many skills to choose from according to one’s aptitude and interest. This is the fourth discipline that parents must impart to their children with great care and love.

When the children grow up then leave them alone. Help and guide them when they really ask for it. At this stage they do not need any propping up from parents. They may need counselling. Parents can act as consultants with or without expecting any returns for it. Let us keep our tents separate but hearts together.

Wishing all of us happy parenting.

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