Pregnancy fashion basic tips for a stylish 9 months


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Pregnancy fashion basic tips for a stylish 9 months

Find out easy (and budget-friendly!) pregnancy fashion tips to keep you looking stylish throughout your pregnancy.

Know when to buy maternity clothes: Don’t rush out and buy a wardrobe full of maternity clothes as soon as you get a postive pregnancy test. It is hard to know exactly how your body will change and you may end up with clothes you don’t wear. In fact, you probably don’t need to buy maternity clothes until your 2nd trimester.

Splurge on basics, skimp on trends: Splurge on well-made solid tees, jeans, a fabulous wrap dress, maternity bra and a basic working suit (blazers, pants/skirt) if working. Shop bargain stores for trendy tops and dresses.

Don’t just buy oversized clothes: Clothes that are too big will only make you look big, not like the beautiful pregnant mama that you are. Look for clothes that gently hug your growing bump or dresses with a gathered hem below your belly.

Dress for comfort and style: Look for clothes with pregnancy-friendly fabric that stretches with your changing shape. Look for dresses and tops with ultra-soft jersey material and jeans with stretchable denim. You can’t go wrong with an empire-waist maxi dress (remember how beautiful Angelina Jolie looked?) or a long skirt with a stretchy waistband and a bump-hugging wrap shirt.

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