Premenstrual Syndrome and its Management!!

Aug 3, 2013
Premenstrual syndrome is a collection of emotional symptoms with or without physical discomforts. The prominent symptoms include irritability, tension and dysphoria-prolonged unhappiness.
Women also complaint of: headache, mood swings, stress, anxiety and insomnia-difficulty in sleeping.

Fortunately there are a set of foods which help us women to combat with this disturbing syndrome!
Including these foods prior and during menstrual cycles is of great help!!

Cheese, many of avoid it as it has too much of fats! Very true but one of the main causes of PMS is calcium deficiency, which well handled by dairy products and cheese. So, during menstrual cycles pump in more cheese!!

Pineapple - There are three main reasons why menstruating women should have this fruit.
First, it has copious amounts of magnesium which stabilizes mood swings.
Second, it has high amounts of water-content which reduces the bloating -excess fluid accumulation during monthly cycles.
Finally, it a nice way of satisfying your sweet-tooth!

Almonds - These tiny nuts are a great source of PMS relief. Owing to their high magnesium content and other mineral they are victorious in expelling: headaches, stress, anxiety and depression.
A handful of almonds during these times are very fruitful indeed!

Menstrual cycles are fragile phases of our life!

Taking proper precautions is of utmost importance!!

Take care!!


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