Preschool safety Getting lost or hurt


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Jul 5, 2011
Preschool safety Getting lost or hurt

Preschoolers getting lost

If your child is lost
When separated from a parent in a public place, a child may run, hide, cry, or wander, or the very rare child may take the opportunity to revisit the toy department. It's hard to tell just what your child will do, but give it some thought. You may want to adjust your rules to suit your child's personality. If your child is very shy, for example, and you know he won't ask for help, caution him to "Stay still. Mommy will not be far away."

You may also call out for your child in store. It's a good way to find her, and you are modelling for your child that, if she is lost or in danger, a loud voice is often the best defence.

It's not a good idea to tell preschoolers to look for a police officer. It's not likely they'll meet a police officer on patrol in a shopping mall just when they need her. You could tell your child to ask for help from a store clerk, but few clerks wear identifiable smocks or clothes, and even adults have a difficult time finding them. The best suggestion is to tell your child to look for a mom with small children and ask her for help.

Practise with your child until he knows:
• his name, address, and phone number (including the area code).
• his parents' full names and places of work.
• how to use the home phone to get help (emergency number).
• how to use a pay phone (dial emergency no
• who to ask for help.

Safety tip
Keep a supply of your business cards or cards with your name, address, and telephone number to slip in your child's pocket. or child mobile with your office,home ,mobile no s

Playground safety
Because playgrounds are built for kids and are often on school board or municipal property, parents expect them to be safe. But not all playgrounds are safe and not all children play safely in playgrounds. Although municipal pools are obliged to have lifeguards on duty, usually there is no official supervision in a playground. However, there is an agency responsible for park management and for equipment.

For the most part, it's how children use the playground equipment that causes most injuries. If a child starts misusing a piece of equipment, there's a good chance that she has mastered it and is just plain bored. It may be time to move on to another activity. Teach your kids these rules:

• Always slide, hang, or jump feet first.
• Use equipment one at a time, and move away when you're done.
• Don't climb onto the roof of a covered slide.
• Only use equipment that you can reach.
• On swings, don't stand, don't climb on supports, don't ride double, and don't jump off mid-swing.
• Don't walk in front or behind when someone is swinging.
• Remove your bike helmet when playing on the equipment.
• Remove jackets with drawstrings or other clothing with features that could get caught in the mechanisms.

Before you allow your child to use a playground or a particular piece of equipment, give it a quick once-over and even a shake. In general, the metal equipment should be rust-free and any wood surfaces should be treated to prevent rotting. The best climbing bars have hand grips. Make sure the equipment is in good repair. Look for sharp points and edges or any loose pieces or protrusions that can catch clothes and pinch or break fingers. If you see the need for repairs, call the park management.
Jan 20, 2012
One of the best benefits of preschool is that they get to be with a teacher, and are introduced to a classroom setting, where the teacher is the authority figure, and they have to share with classmates, etc. It is important that your child is able to recognize that teachers are in charge, and get used to listening to them, and obeying their rules.
Another great benefit is to provide them with opportunity for group time where they have to share attention, the spot light, toys, etc. It gives them a chance to learn how to interact with others when they have to share attention. It is a great opportunity for a kid to get used to the classroom dynamic, and their place in it. If not, your child may expect more one on one time, spotlight time, and attention then they are going to get, and it could lead to some real tantrums, etc. just see it now for more

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