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Jul 5, 2011
Indian have higher risk

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is a global epidemic among Indians.

By 2010, India will bear 60% of the worlds CAD burden.

CAD strikes Indians irrespective of gender at young age and has malignant and fatal courses.

Indians suffer heart attacks at an earlier age, often without prior symptoms or warning. More than half of heart attack patients at CARE Hospitals are below 50 years!
Death rate from coronary heart disease is almost twice in Indian men and women than in UK or USA

CAD is not just a disease for Indian men

Indians women also have one of the highest mortality rates due to CAD.
The South Asian Institute of Preventive Cardiology (SAIPC) is designed for people who are concerned about their hearts, whether they already have symptoms of heart disease or they want to prevent future cardiac events.
Our clinic and staffprovide an integrated approach to comprehensive risk assessment and appropriate treatment for all cardiovascular risk factors with a special emphasis on cholesterol and blood pressure management. Individualized nutrition assessment and lifestyle counseling is an integral part of our services.

Program Goals

The goal of SAIPC is to comprehensively evaluate your risk and provide you with the most effective measures to slow or stop the progression of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).
Our team of experienced healthcare professionals explore multiple treatment methods for each individual to determine the optimal approach and action plan including lifestyle changes and medications when necessary.

The program involves:

  • Our program involving extensive health risk interrogation.
  • Physical examination, advised blood work including lipoproteins and other emerging risk markers.
  • Anatomical documentations of Coronary Heart Disease by evaluating coronary calcium and carotid intimal thinking.
  • Consultation with health professionals for risk evaluation and recommendations.
  • Consultation with Nutrition and Exercise Therapist.
  • Referral to stress management techniques like Yoga and Meditations.
  • Smoking cessation techniques.
  • On going monitoring of progress of the participant.
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