problem in marriage life because of unmarried sil

Jan 30, 2015
hi all

i am married for 2 years. my marriage is love cum arranged marriage. now i am a mother of 3month baby. my daughter name is sai sri. i am being here in my mom's house from 5th month of my pregnancy. my mom's house also in chennai only. so my husband often come here to see me. i need to go my hubby's house in next month. but i don't want to go there. because i don't like my sil. she is really an attitude person and also she is jealous about me and my husband. my sil is still avoiding proposals for marriage for silly reasons. my in-laws are searching for mappillai before from our marriage. almost 4yrs gone. she want beautiful, handsome and high salaried person for her. her expectations are too high. so for each proposal she is saying some reason and refuse to get marry. now everyone fed up with her. her age is 29 now. but still she is like that only.

she don't like if me and my husband go for outing together. she fight with us. he scold his brother sister kalyanamakama irukum pothu nee mattum un wife kooda jollya oor suthitu irukka. like this she scold us for many times. at first we too felt bad. but she is hurting us purposively. when no one is in home, she started to talk with me and purposively made fight with me. when i was there, she disturbed me mentally daily by her harsh words. she still come to see my daughter. i don't want get into that home (because she is there) with my child. surely it won't be a pleasant one. she will surely have some plan to hurt me when i am entering into house. her thoughts are not good. pls tell me how should i avoid to go there?

Mary Daisy

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Dec 28, 2011
Ever green city
hai. .
first i welcome u n penmai site. . . . .

thn cngrtz for ur new arrivel .. . . !

thn ur prblm is sil. . .. ?!

unga sil work panrangala?

avunga mapilai reject panra reason mokkai reason unga yelorukum therithu. . .
apram yethuku free ya viduringa. . .

nalai char and family bkgrnd ula jathagam vanthu match achina fix panirunga. . .. .

thn avunga ungala hurt panuvanganu neenga hus home ku pogama iruka mudima?!?!?

ithelam dust mari thati vitu poitu irunga. . .

avunga pesum po thapa soli vampuku ilukira mari therinja ,mouth ku jail thandanai kuduthutu face la reactione katama unga work parunga. .. .

yena pananulm yaro oruthi kathra yaraiyo solra. . apdingra mari react panunga. . . . ;)

thn sil oda frnds ta unga silku unmailaye yena prblmnu ketu therinjukonga. . . .

sil prblm oralavu solve pana mudinja panunga. . . . .

simple a solren sil a crct pani parcl pani anupunga. . . .
onum wrkout agala veen pidivaatham than. . . apdina. . .
dnt show any reaction. . and feel like a anjel. . athupatuku sirichikitu unga work parthutu nimathiya irunka. . .

வாழ வழி இருந்தும் வாழ மாட்டேன் என்று வீண் பிடிவாதம் பிடிப்பவருக்கு
வாழ்வின் அர்த்தம் புரிய வில்லை என்றெண்ணி . .
விதியின் கையில் பொறுப்பை ஒப்படைத்து விட்டு . ..
வாழுங்கள் உங்கள் வாழ்வை அமைதியாக ஆனந்தமாக . . . !!!!! :thumbsup


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Jul 26, 2012
Hi Santha, welcome to! Congratulations for having given birth to a baby child! You are elder than your sil, you should be more matured and more accommodative. After all your sil is also like your own sister. Treat her with more kind and adjust with her harsh scolding words. Show your love and affection towards her as if she is your own sister. Avoid the outings with your husband for the sake of her and try to gain her confidence. Instead of sleeping with your husband you sleep with your sil along with your new born child. You have to sacrifice certain enjoying happy moments for the sake of your sil. You are a matured mother now. Let us hope for the best. Time will definitely give good changes in your sil character and she will change as per your expectation. After you gain her confidence she will not behave with you as earlier. All the best. thank you!

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