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Jan 30, 2015
my husband spends most of the nights away form home without any notification. we are living in bangalore. whenever i call he told that he is busy and not to call again. he switched off mobile after my call. i feel that i am getting cheated. he dont want to spend time with me. my marriage life is sinking. should i inform this to my parents or his parents? will it workout? should i breakup this relationship?


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai....Kousalya.

Sad to note the behaviour of your husband.

Are you sure that he is doing any night duty work?

If he is not doing any night duty, then you should ask him for the reason of his night stay which is not at your home.

You should ask about this when he is at home.

Ask him for the reason, why he is staying outside during the night time and why he is avoiding your calls.

Tell him that you feel afraid to stay alone at home during night.(even though you are not afraid)

If he gives proper reason which is a valid one, then you can trust him to a little extent.

Even then you can enquire about his availability in his office and when you happen to meet any of his friends, you can enquire about his night stay in a casual manner. It should not be in a suspicious manner.

Later, after getting the confirmed details you can proceed.

If suppose your husband is not interested in you and has an extra marital affair, you can ask him as why did he marry you?

Ask him about your future.

Ask him , what will be the social status of you both if any body else comes to know of this.

Ask him about the future of your children( you may have children in future isn't it)

If he is listening to your words and thinks about your welfare, he might come back to you permanently.

If still he is sticking to his past life, then you may open this matter to both your parents and ask them to intervene.

Sometimes after their intervention, things may be solved positively.

If nothing works out, you may think about the rest later.

So, now, immediately ask your husband for the reasons.


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Jun 25, 2014
hi kousalya don't conclude anything by thinking your side only. as jayanthy said first talk with your husband for reasons men gives more importance to job rather than their family. so first please sit calm and think its happening often or at times. also think how he talks with you when he is free and not in office. and then decide. if he talks with you normally and job only reason for his behaviour, slowly ask him to search for better job options.

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