problem with my ex lover help me

Nov 16, 2015
i loved a guy in my home town during my college days. we are from different community and the boy has some bad habits so i avoided him and left him before 2 years. i was working in chennai for the past 2 years. now my parents are searching for good boy and almost going to be fixed.

but i am feeling very much bad about my ex. whether he will do any bad in my marriage or he will do something wrong. how can i handle now.


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai @lightingme

Please don't worry dear.

Nowadays it has become very very common that many boys and girls do have unsuccessful love affairs before their marriage.

So, most of the men and women who enter into marriage, are able to ignore those previous unsuccessful affairs and lead the present married life happily, provided any of the spouse does not continue them even after their marriage (extra marital affairs).

That ex lover has not interfered in your life till now, once you got detached from him, isn't it?

Then it is no problem.

Probably, he may never interrupt in your life hereafter. May be , he would have found a new partner.

So, you need not worry about this and get depressed.

Just forget about him totally and get prepared for your new married life.

As of now, you need not tell anything about the previous affair to your fiance or (later husband).

If suppose , he happens to know about it and questions you, then you may ask sorry to him and tell that it was just an infatuation and once you found that he was not a suitable one for you, you just got detached from him totally. But don't tell him everything in detail.

When he asks you, why you didn't tell this before, you can tell him that you never gave importance to those incidents and just ignored it.

At the same time, assure your husband that he will be the only person in your future married life .

If he is not asking, you need not tell about this and run into a new problem.

All the best for your wonderful and successful married life.

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