Proper breastfeeding procedure


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Jun 28, 2011
Getting your baby to breastfeed comfortably requires practice and patience. A few good tips given here will help you get started. Learn techniques for getting you and your baby comfortable breastfeeding.


In order for this process to work efficiently you must:

  • Hold the baby so that he/she is facing the nipple.
  • Keep your fingers away from the area to be drawn into the baby's mouth, allowing the baby to draw in the entire nipple and as much of the areola as possible.
  • Press your fingers slightly towards your ribs to keep the nipple extended as much as possible.
  • Guide and insert the areola by centering the nipple in the baby's mouth and pointing it toward the top back section of the baby's mouth.
  • Hold the baby in close to your body.

The baby must:

  • Face the mother's body.
  • Open his/her mouth wide (like a big yawn).
  • Draw the nipple in to the upper back part of his mouth.
  • Place his gums beyond the nipple, taking in as much of the areola as possible.
  • Have his tongue out, over his lower gum, "cradling" the nipple and areola.

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